Integrating Snyk Code SAST results in your ServiceNow workflows

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Sarah Conway

May 7, 2024

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Application security teams often lack the crucial information and visibility needed to find, prioritize, and remediate risks in their most business-critical applications. 

To solve this application security challenge, ServiceNow and Snyk have partnered to provide a singular view of the risk within these applications — exposing the severity and criticality of vulnerabilities while providing actionable workflows to boost your overall security posture.

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of Snyk Code (SAST) results to our Snyk Security for Application Vulnerability Response solution. ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response solution, paired with Snyk Code insights, enables teams to centrally manage and respond to first-party code vulnerabilities in their applications. A year ago, we announced the integration of Snyk Open Source, combining our SCA solution with ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response. With this upgrade, AppSec teams get insights into all their open source and AI-generated code vulnerabilities, from development to production within their ServiceNow workflow. 

Snyk’s security application for ServiceNow: Fastest way to track and fix vulnerabilities

With Snyk's real-time SAST, you can scan and analyze source code in minutes — Snyk’s unparalleled speed and accuracy is 2.8x the speed of legacy SAST solutions. Equally important, AppSec and SecOps leaders can guide developer teams to quickly fix vulnerabilities with dev-friendly remediation advice. ServiceNow automates and expedites assignments using the Snyk app so your developers can focus on what’s most important — improving productivity and increasing developer adoption.

The Snyk and ServiceNow integration helps drive more actionable workflows, with issues assigned to the actual development owner, to reduce the attack surface more efficiently. This centralized, curated risk management is especially relevant to risk and compliance stakeholders across the organization. 

Additionally, with developer teams worldwide increasingly leveraging AI to accelerate the speed of software development, AppSec leaders are seeking trustworthy and reliable AI security guardrails. They recognize that code generated by AI-based methods often bypasses protocols from the security team. The Snyk Code integration means ServiceNow customers can harness the many benefits of AI-assisted coding with full confidence that their code is secure.

Solving application security challenges at Knowledge ‘24

Snyk and ServiceNow ties extend beyond the partnership with ServiceNow Ventures, which invested $25 million in Snyk in 2023. ServiceNow is also a valued Snyk customer, leveraging Snyk’s security platform to develop applications securely from the start and ensure meaningful risk reduction.

We are thrilled to sponsor Knowledge ‘24 as a Partner Innovation Zone sponsor. Join us in the Snyk booth (PZK04), where we'll be hosting a Theater Session, “Mitigate AppSec Risk in ServiceNow Workflows with Snyk Integrations.” This talk will dive deep into our partnership and outline how Snyk and ServiceNow collaborate to minimize application risk for organizations of all sizes. 

Get started with Snyk

Snyk’s developer-first AppSec tooling provides a comprehensive approach to application security by securing critical components of the software supply chain, AI-generated code, and more.

A simple search within the ServiceNow Store takes you to the Snyk integrations. Installing Snyk is quick and easy, with access to a helpful installation guide.

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