Snyk streamlines procurement with AWS Marketplace Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO)

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May 11, 2021

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For years now, modern organizations have enjoyed a seamless procurement experience when purchasing software products through AWS Marketplace. AWS has made it possible for customers to purchase third-party software using their allocated AWS budget while still being able to negotiate custom pricing and legal terms directly with their favorite vendors. As a result, Snyk has partnered closely with the AWS Marketplace to give customers the flexibility they need to secure their cloud native environment using either their allocated security budget or the funds they’ve committed to spending with AWS.

Snyk offers flexibility for purchases in the AWS Marketplace

Over the past year, Snyk has added support for AWS Marketplace private offers in a variety of different forms. We offer our customers the choice to procure our industry-leading security software either directly from Snyk, or through their preferred consulting or solution provider partners. In most cases, purchasing through these mechanisms in the AWS Marketplace will even help to burn down a customer’s spending commitments with AWS, sometimes called an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) budget.

As well as through self-service, customers can now purchase Snyk through three private offer mechanisms in the AWS Marketplace:

  • Directly using a private offer: Customers have the ability to engage Snyk directly to negotiate custom terms and pricing and procure our software using their existing billing mechanisms with AWS.

  • Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO): Customers can purchase Snyk software from consulting partners using the AWS Marketplace, helping them consolidate their billing mechanisms while leveraging a consulting partner with industry expertise, intimate knowledge of their business and localized support

  • Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO): Customers can benefit from easy access to a more automated private offer process through their existing AWS Solution Provider relationship, giving them the ability to purchase Snyk software from AWS’s highest tier of solution providers, all using the same fast and friction-free purchase experience they’re accustomed to in AWS Marketplace.

Snyk can also negotiate custom terms and pricing directly with the customer and then build the private offer in the AWS Marketplace in a matter of days, providing the customer with a unique URL to their dedicated listing. From there, the customer would simply need to navigate to the URL provided and subscribe to the private offer listing. Once they’ve accepted the private offer, customers are invoiced for the purchase using the same Billing and Cost Management Service tools they use for all AWS Marketplace transactions.

The benefits of purchasing Snyk in the AWS Marketplace

When customers purchase Snyk software in the AWS Marketplace, they can enjoy a multitude of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Consolidated billing for expanded visibility: AWS Marketplace purchases help reduce the operational burden tied to enterprise software procurement through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), which provide customers a granular view of their custom payment schedules for each product procured through the marketplace private offer program, greatly reducing monthly invoice review and approval time

  • A streamlined procurement experience: Purchasing software in the AWS Marketplace allows customers to use their existing billing relationship with AWS to cut much of the red tape and accelerate procurement by skipping some items like Master of Service Agreements (MSAs) that might require several weeks of legal review.

  • Leveraging committed spend with AWS (EDP): Many customers who sign multi-year deals with AWS usually negotiate a commitment to spend a certain amount and reach certain spending gates within a period of time in exchange for expanded discounts form AWS (EDP budget). Customers can use their allocated AWS budget to purchase Snyk software and burn down portions of their EDP, since AWS considers 50% of any Marketplace purchase applicable to a customer’s committed spend.

Snyk’s procurement flexibility in the AWS Marketplace is meant to help our customers optimize efficiency in their procurement workflow while also burning down their spending commitments with AWS.

To learn how your company can take advantage of these purchasing options, reach out to a Snyk representative or subscribe to our software in the AWS Marketplace!

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