Get Snyk security alerts on Slack

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If Slack is your team’s go-to communication tool, we have good news: you can now get Snyk’s security alerts in Slack!

At Snyk, we are a remote team, and Slack is an invaluable tool for us. We have a bunch of different automated channels, pulling in anything from user support tickets to deployment progress and security news. Many of our users use Slack at lot, too, and were keen on getting Snyk’s alerts in Slack.

So, during a team all-hands week in Tel Aviv, Dar and Guy locked themselves away for an afternoon to hack on our Slack integration, and we released it this week. We’ve seen a good uptake of it, so you should try it!

Snyk’s Slack integration

You’ll get two alerts:

1: A newly disclosed vulnerability affects you

Slack Vulnerability Alert

2: A new upgrade or patch is available for a vulnerability that you previously ignored or patched

Slack Remediation Alert

To set it up, go to your ‘Manage organisation’ settings, and simply enter the Slack WebHook URL.

Slack Integration

We hope you enjoy!

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