Security Transformation and The Three Faces of DevSecOps

This week I had the pleasure of running the Security Transformation track at QCon London. I feel we regularly discuss digital transformation and how to modify dev and ops practices, but don’t talk about how security should change to match. Our track tackled this very topic, and I was thrilled to have great speakers on it in Michael Brunton-spall, Gareth Rushgrove, Shraya Ramani and Kevin Gilpin. It was also great to see strong attendance (100 people at least) at every session, showing developers care to learn more about security and evolve their own security practices!

Personally, I gave a talk titled “The Three Faces of DevSecOps”, offering a perspective on what this term even means. I find it useful to discuss three aspects of the term – security DevOps technologies, security for DevOps methodologies, and including security in the DevOps shared ownership philosophy. I’m attaching the slides, feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you have any questions!

One last word: QCon is one of my favourite conferences, and was a great home for such a track, since its audience, for the most part, is senior enough to have deep conversations, and pragmatic enough to understand the world isn’t black and white and no solution is perfect. On top of that, the conference organisers run an amazing production, including the best collection of audience feedback I’ve seen.

the three faces of devsecops by guy podjarny