RSA 2020: who we met and what we learned

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March 2, 2020

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Coming out of a busy week at RSA 2020, one of the best aspects of attending was the chance to meet with so many passionate customers and fans of Snyk and listen to their feedback. What was clear this year was a growing excitement around Snyk’s accomplishments — a palpable sense of momentum for our developer-first approach to application security.

That enthusiasm extended to the many new faces we saw filling our booth, and in our discussions with important partners — including Rapid7, Trend Micro and Auth0. It was gratifying to hear their interest in understanding and adopting the ROI advantages of building security into the software development process.

While ‘shifting left’ is not a new concept, it is still one that organizations can only realize once they have adopted the security tools and processes that help automate collaboration between security and development teams. We talk to so many companies where their security teams are trying to find and adopt new ways to integrate and share ownership of security with their development team colleagues. The ones that work with Snyk have found the ability to work together more fluidly, helping both teams achieve security goals earlier in the process, continuously and faster overall.

We heard the same from so many people at RSA — siloed security teams using legacy tools and processes are failing to scale to the new reality of rapid application development driven by the business demands of digital transformation. According to the feedback we received during RSA and with more than 400,000 developers using Snyk globally, our product has become the primary tool in their secure development process.

It’s clear that today’s security industry is embracing this new approach to application security — one that enables businesses to continuously build security from the start in their application development process and culture.

One last note from RSA — we were proud to partner at the conference with Auth0, which is both a Snyk customer and a fellow modern security leader. And we encourage everyone to hear more from Joan Pepin, CSO at Auth0, about the value of Snyk and how it allows her “to shine a bright light on the information security risk being taken on by engineering teams.”

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