Python now fully supported in Snyk Code

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Frank Fischer

June 3, 2021

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Earlier this year, we announced the beta support for Python in Snyk Code. This beta period gave us the chance to let customers have access to our extensive collection of Python rules while we finished our knowledge base review and added curated content. We are happy to announce that this work has concluded, and Python is now a fully supported language. ? ?

Python joins Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript

We’re excited to finally be able to officially add Python to the list of languages supported by Snyk Code: Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript. These are all heavily used languages in the cloud native development stack, so it was important to us (and our users) that any new additions are properly implemented.

To get to GA, we first ran a closed beta of Python, in which we received a lot of very positive feedback on the Snyk Code knowledge base. Users told us that even in beta, Python for Snyk Code already provided an enormous amount of insights. This gave us indication that it was time to start a public beta phase. We worked hard during the public beta to ensure that the Python rules met our internal quality standards. Through that public beta, we reached the threshold at which we could remove the beta flag from Python. The rules for Python now have the same quality in coverage and curated content that every other Snyk Code supported language offers.


Python support in Snyk Code

Snyk Code supports Python just as it does with the other languages. When a project is scanned, a heuristic determines the content of a file in the project and activates the fitting knowledge base. So, you don’t have to select the language — this is done for you. This also means Python works instantly through the Snyk UI on the web or through an IDE extension, like PyCharm, IntelliJ, WebStorm, or Visual Studio Code.


"blog-python-ga-ide" Getting started is extremely easy: Just sign up for a free Snyk account and add Snyk Code as a service. If you are already signed up, just activate Snyk Code in your organization’s settings. From now on, whenever you import a project and it contains Python source code, it will be scanned and the results included in the report.

The future of Snyk Code language support

We are working on several languages and ecosystems as you read this. On the roadmap right now are .NET and its flagship language C#. We have also been asked to look into Golang, Kotlin, and others. Please note that this is not an official announcement or promise of support, just a way to say that we listen to our users and align our roadmap based on what we hear.

Stay tuned for future public betas!

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