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March 10, 2021

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Today we came a step closer towards our ultimate vision - to empower every one of the world’s 27 million developers to develop fast while staying secure.

On behalf of the entire extended Snyk family, every current and former employee, partner and customer, I’m humbled to announce that today marks another important milestone in the Snyk journey: the closing of our Series E funding round.

After first raising a Series A just three short years ago, we’ve expanded from our original dev-first Snyk Open Source security product to adding three more to the product line: Snyk Container, Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Snyk Code - all built on top of our industry leading Cloud Native Application Security Platform. We’ve also joined forces with DeepCode and Manifold to bring additional engineering and AI expertise into the company, and we’ve successfully grown from small offices in Tel Aviv and London to now having more than 500 employees distributed across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Today is also a good time for reflection. I strongly believe that getting to this point was made possible by sticking to our original founding principle: developer-first security that prioritizes the developer experience first and foremost. We have an amazing 2.2 million developers in the Snyk community, rewarding us for our conviction and commitment to developers, and helping us advance the security industry.

We’ve also always felt a responsibility to help organizations of all sizes advance their security posture. To date, more than 700 paying customers have adopted our Cloud Native Application Security Platform to secure everything from their open source code, containers, and cloud infrastructure, and we love the newfound collaboration we are seeing between their developer and security teams. Transforming an organization’s approach to security is hard - I am humbled by the brilliant product security leaders who take this challenge on, and excited we’re able to help them make it a reality.

From Momentum to Scale

Today’s announcement is an investment in the future of the security industry, built around cloud native applications. It shows the only way to scale security is to embed it into development, which in turn can only be achieved by building great developer tools, placing the developer’s needs first!

This latest capital will allow us to accelerate growth at every level - doubling down on our successful product led growth strategy, maintaining the world’s most comprehensive vulnerabilities database, adding to our growing customer roster and recruiting talent to our team worldwide. In addition, we’ll continue to invest in the open source and broader developer ecosystem, partnering with more developer-first companies like Atlassian, Datadog, Docker, Dynatrace, Red Hat and more to build security into the fabric of software development.

Transforming security is a global need, and with this new funding we’ll be able to take our mission to a global scale. First up, we’ll be advancing the developer-first security movement by expanding our footprint into Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), partnering with our new investment partners, Temasek and Geodesic. 

A study from Ernst and Young last year found that in the next two years, 87% of companies across the Asia Pacific region will be well advanced on their digital transformation journeys, with one IDC Asia Pacific research analyst wisely noting in a recent report that these companies, “ignore DevSecOps at their peril.”

With the strongest growth for developers expected in Asia Pacific over the next decade, Snyk collectively recognizes that there has never been a better time for us to serve this market.

Welcome Jeff Yoshimura, Erica Geil and Shaun McLagan!

At the heart of Snyk, and what I cherish above all, is an amazing team and culture (we’ve even won awards for it!). The combination of caring, shipping, user-focus and “One Team” mentality is the key to us seizing this market opportunity, and the fact so many great people have joined our adventure is what I’m most proud of as a founder. That’s why I couldn’t be happier to officially welcome three new leaders today: Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer Jeff Yoshimura, CIO Erica Geil and Vice President, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) Sales, Shaun McLagan. In addition to these three strategic hires, we’re also adding two new members to our Board, Mike Scarpelli, Chief Financial Officer, Snowflake, and Ping Li, Partner, Accel, to the Snyk family. Their collective relevant experience and passion for our mission will be instrumental to our success in 2021 and beyond. They’re each going to do great things at Snyk as together we advance the DevSecOps movement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Snyk’s culture and our currently open roles, visit our Jobs at Snyk page to learn more and apply today!

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