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March 28, 2022

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You: Can someone help me out? I really love using Snyk, spreading the word of secure development, and developing myself whilst engaging the developer community in a host of activities, but I have no way to really channel that.

Snyk Ambassador program: Heyyyyyy!

The Snyk Ambassador program was launched in the second half of 2021, and while we’re just getting started with some of the activities, we have a fresh cohort of ambassadors recruited and raring to go!

So say hello and connect with our Snyk Ambassadors! They share a wealth of cybersecurity knowledge and are also ? really ? lovely ? people? in general!  We’re recruiting more ambassadors in late April 2022 so if you’re interested, head to the Snyk Ambassador page to register. Once you do, you’ll join these new superstar ambassadors:

Saman Fatima

Data Engineer, Cybersecurity Enthusiast, DEI Champion


Based in India, Saman is a Data Engineer at Macquarie, with 5 years of experience in software development and cybersecurity. Trained in identity and access management (IAM), a cybersecurity enthusiast, and an active member of various communities. Her ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, Python, cloud security, threat modeling, social engineering, and community development. Check out more on her personal website!

Rachid Zarouali

Freelance Cloud Architect, Cybersecurity Enthusiast, Docker Captain, and Microsoft MVP


With us from France, Rachid is a freelance Cloud Architect passionate about cybersecurity and everything related to cloud architecture, international speaker and trainer. In his previous roles as head of the infrastructure team for the French registry and CIO of a worldwide recognized CRM and ecommerce agency, he recognized the need to bring the latest technology at a production level to businesses of all sizes and founded SevenSphere. Through SevenSphere, Rachid offers training and consultancy for companies striving to dive into microservices container-based infrastructure. His ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, cloud security, IaC, community development, containers, and Kubernetes.

Steven Carlson

Cloud Security Architect


Calling from the USA, Steven is a software engineer who is passionate about clean secure code. He is highly motivated to learn and mentor associates with a positive attitude. With being in leadership roles for over 10 years with a consistent record of exceeding goals, he is a strategic thinker always looking ahead to meet internal/external customer satisfaction. More recently, he has been speaking at local meetups and conferences sharing stories about working in security for fintech companies. His ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, cloud security, IaC, containers, kubernetes, .NET, and Python. Check out Steven’s personal project!

Aastha Sahni

Cybersecurity Trainer, Coach, and Consultant


Joining us from the USA, Aastha is a cybersecurity professional with 6+ years of experience in the industry. Her areas of expertise are identity and access management (IAM), application security, and security information and event management (SIEM). Since the start of her career, she has donned many hats. From being a consultant to engineer and now an onstructor. She is a strong advocate of bringing diversity and inclusion to workplaces.To promote women professionals in the industry, she aims to help in provisioning a continuous cybersecurity learning experience to women throughout their careers. Her ecosystem and general interests include security operations, cloud security, DevSecOps, threat hunting, and metaverse security & privacy. Check out Aastha’s personal website!

KC Thomas

Security DevOps Engineer


Based in the USA, KC ensures best security practices deep into the core of the DevOps processes of development and deployment. She drives security-focused, proactive organizational change while managing upwards and collaborates with development teams, product managers, and product owners to secure development, production, and testing environments. Her ecosystem and general interests include security operations, cloud security, DevSecOps, threat hunting, penetration testing, and Watcher of All.

Andres Haro

Site Reliability & DevOps Engineer


Calling in from the USA, Andres is DevOps and automation engineer, with a never-ending drive to learn new skills. He also loves helping end-users find the right solution for their needs in software, design, and automation. Andres has multiple skills that leverage experience in DevOps, automation, UX development, mobile app development, and full stack development. His ecosystem and general interests include DevOps, cloud engineering, automation, and UX development.

Tales Casagrande

Cloud Security Engineer


Flying in from Brazil, Tales has been in the IT area for 14 years. He started his career in IT as Support and is now a Cloud Security Engineer. He encourages other people to get into the IT field, and likes to use his creativity to get out of difficult situations and solve problems. His ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, cloud security, IaC, containers, Python, and Kubernetes. Check out Tales’ personal website!

Filipi Pires

Security Researcher


Joining us from Portugal, Filipi has been a Security and Threat Researcher and Cybersecurity Advocate in different companies, an Application Security Specialist, a “Hacking is NOT a crime” Advocate, and RedTeam Village Contributor. He’s also part of the Staff team from DCG5511 (DEFCON Group São Paulo-Brazil), an international speaker in security and new technologies events in many countries such as US, Canada, Germany, Poland, and others. His ecosystem interests include malware analysis, threat research, application security, DevSecOps, cloud security, and Python. Check out Filipi's personal website!

Mitch Parish

Security Consultant


Dialing in from the USA, Mitch has spent over eight years at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security focusing on physical infrastructure security. Now he helps organizations secure their IT infrastructure through continuous security, secure software development, and the adoption of DevOps. He's a fighter of normalcy bias and always in search of the best exit. His ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, cloud security, secure development, and threat modeling.

Soumen Mukherjee

Security Architect


Flying in from India, Soumen’s fortes are application and data security, IAM, security by design, and he has an extensive experience in software development and solution design. When he’s not working, Soumen reads a lot to enhance his security awareness, in addition to helping others a lot on Stack Overflow. He has also provided responsible disclosures, some have been acknowledged and are getting fixed. His ecosystem and general interest include .NET core, C#, identity management, DevSecOps, cloud security, secure development, threat modeling, and security tooling. Check out Soumen’s personal blog!

Or Weis

CEO & Co-Founder of


With us from Israel, Or is the co-maintainer and author of open source Or is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about developer tools, previously founding, and managing Upwards, which is Israel’s largest founders’ PLG community. Before becoming a founder, Or worked as a lead engineer in multiple cybersecurity and big data companies, the intelligence corps, as a consultant for the Ministry of Defense, and as VP R&D at Netline CT cyber division. His ecosystem and general interests include Authorization and IAM, Python, JS, CyberSec, cloud native, and more!

Zoe Braiterman

Data and Information Security Professional


Based in the USA, Zoe is a consultant and researcher, specializing in the intersection of information security, software/systems architecture, and data science. Zoe is a proud member of InfoSec communities, such as OWASP, InfoSec Girls, and Breaking Barriers Women in Cybersecurity - LeanIn Circle. Her ecosystem and general interests include Python, Java, cloud, DevSecOps, web/API, AppSec, threat modeling, and privacy by design.

Sonya Moisset

Principal Security Engineer


Based in the UK, Sonya is a lifelong traveler who's lived in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Sonya is also a GitHub star, GirlCode ambassador, OWASP member, founder of Epic Women in Cyber & Epic Women in Tech, writer for FreeCodeCamp and a mentor for women in tech. Her ecosystem and general interests include DevSecOps, open source, and cloud security.

Lee Turner

Lead Backend Developer


Based in the UK and with over 20 years of experience working on large scale software implementations and with a passion for well-crafted, pragmatically tested software, Lee is currently helping the backend team at Crunch build out their suite of Java/Kotlin microservices. Lee’s also the founder of the Brighton Kotlin Meetup (a group for Kotlin users, enthusiasts and learners from beginners to experts), and ecosystem and general interests include Java, JVM, Kotlin, supply chain security, Web/API security, and developer productivity.

Magno Logan

Information Security Specialist


Calling in from Canada, Magno works as an Information Security Specialist for Trend Micro, where he specializes in Cloud, Container, and Application Security Research, Threat Modelling, and Red Teaming. He is also the JampaSec Security Conference and the OWASP Paraiba Chapter founder, an active member of the CNCF Security TAG team and also the primary host of the English version of UHC (Ultimate Hacking Championship), a live CTF that happens every month on Twitch. Magno’s ecosystem and general interests include Python, Go, cloud, containers, Kubernetes, cloud native, and AppSec.

Ben Gagyi

Senior Software Engineer


Joining us from Hungary, Ben is a developer, teacher, and sports-fanatic. In his free time, he's researching the patterns and algorithms connecting basketball, tea, and drums. His devotion to impeccable and secure user experience is rivaled only by his constant search for the perfect brew of Chinese pu'er. His ecosystem and general interests include JavaScript, frontend security, AppSec, and DX.

Chris Russell



Flying in from the USA, Chris has a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and numerous certifications and experience in cloud security, endpoint detection and response, SIEM, NGFWs and blockchain. He is a combat veteran of the US Army, where he was a human intelligence (HUMINT) collector who graduated from the Defense Language Institute, for Arabic. His ecosystem and general interests include blockchain security, smart contracts, SSDLC, AppSec, DevSecOps, threat modeling, threat hunting, threat intelligence, and Yara L.

Nishant Jain

Graduate Student in Cybersecurity


Dialing in from the USA, Nishant is pursuing a Masters' Degree in Cybersecurity. He has spent the last 1.5 years as a bug bounty hunter/security researcher on the HackerOne platform, reporting security issues to companies such as GitHub, GitLab, and GlassDoor. He is also the creator of LinksShare, which aids the community by saving and classifying cybersecurity resources! His ecosystem and general interests include web application security, security research, supply chain, bug bounty hunting, and code auditing.

Mark Johnson

DevOps Lead


Based in the UK, Mark is a software engineer with over 20 years experience working on cloud architecture in Azure and an advocate for DevOps and Security. His ecosystem and general interests include C#, IaC, cloud, and containers.

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