Introducing the Snyk Ambassador program: A call for nomination to champion application security

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August 16, 2021

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Snyk has been long invested in promoting application security awareness and practices through many of our initiatives, including actively participating in communities and foundations. Some examples include:

  • Running worldwide in-person and virtual events dedicated to DevSecOps communities under the DevSecCon community.

  • Publishing The Secure Developer podcast which focuses on security for developers, as well as tools, best practices, and interviews with industry experts and community leaders.

Today, we’re proud to further engage with the community by announcing the Snyk Ambassadors program. This is our groundbreaking effort to help engineers build secure software, through recognition of and support from fellow developers in the community who are passionate about application security.

About the Snyk Ambassadors program

Snyk is on a mission to help developers all over the world find and fix security issues in their applications in an easy and empowering way that integrates into their workflows.

We strongly believe that for applications to be secure, developers are key and security wins should be celebrated as part of an organization's culture.

We know it’s tough to shift attitudes about security, so we set out on a mission to collaborate with like-minded and passionate developers who share our values. We want to recognize their efforts and the impact they have within the community.

What does it mean to be a Snyk Ambassador?

Snyk Ambassadors are members and leaders of their communities, passionate about software security and eager to share their knowledge and expertise to help other developers and engineers.

Snyk Ambassadors create meaningful engagements with their communities and peers, by:

  • Attending and speaking at meetups and conferences to increase developer awareness of application security and all of its related risks.

  • Listening and connecting with their peers to understand the frustrations and challenges with application security. Ambassadors will identify ways to help and educate them through blog posts, problem-solving videos and over social media. Ambassadors will also share this feedback with Snyk’s product and Developer Relations teams to help them address it.

To find out more about the process, read up on the Snyk Ambassadors program page.

Committed to supporting you

Snyk Ambassadors educate, champion for good application security hygiene, and celebrate security wins. You are leading by example and Snyk is with you every step of the way.

As an Ambassador, you'll be directly connected with Snyk's own Developer Relations team which is committed to supporting your advocacy efforts, helping you increase your own AppSec knowledge and mentoring you through the process.

We know producing educational content is not a small task and we will be happy to support you in that effort. We will offer assistance with tasks such as editorial review, technical content review, visual designs and illustrations, and promotion of your content via Snyk’s social media channels.

Running a community is hard, and advancing your own skills in AppSec is hard too. We recognize that and that’s why we created a plan to help support your community activities and personal career development.

Become a Snyk Ambassador

Does any of this sound interesting? Go ahead and nominate yourself as a Snyk Ambassador.

Have thoughts about our Ambassador program? We want to hear them.

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