Serverless Security at Serverless Conf

April 28, 2017 | in DevSecOps
| By Guy Podjarny

Today I had the pleasure of presenting at the amazing ServerlessConf in Austin, Texas about security in a serverless world.

Serverless is a fundamental evolution of cloud computing, and we are forming best practices and tooling as we speak. It’s critical that we make security a core part of these practices, and—as many repeated during the conference—security is not discussed nearly enough.

A huge thanks to the team at A Cloud Guru who organises ServerlessConf for giving me the opportunity to discuss where Serverless helps security and where it hurts, and what security areas you still need to protect.

The video and slides from my talk, “Serverless Security: What’s Left to Protect?” are below. For even more about how serverless impacts security, you can read my recent post about serverless security implications.



Serverless Security: What's Left to Protect? from Guy Podjarny