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February 22, 2023

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This year has shown to be volatile in tech and the market downturn has unfortunately been impactful to the high-tech industry. But don’t lose hope! Whether you’re just starting out in tech and cybersecurity or looking for your next cybersecurity career move, Snyk can help. 

In this post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for breaking into the tech industry, and showcase some exciting job opportunities we’ve partnered with other leading tech companies to promote during The Big Fix.

Increase your chances of getting hired in cybersecurity

Beyond the technical skills and meeting the job description requirements, there are a handful of community-focused activities that will directly contribute to higher chances of getting hired in cybersecurity and tech as an industry.

Randall Degges, who heads the Developer Relations group here at Snyk, wrote about how community participation can enhance your development career. Let’s highlight a few key takeaways from Randall’s article:

  • Participating in open source projects.

    In my personal opinion, we shouldn’t gatekeep roles by making participation in open source projects a requirement. It’s a privilege that may be out of reach for many skilled candidates due to lack of consistent and stable internet access, family responsibilities like being an active or sole caretaker, and many other reasons. However, if you’re able to,  participating in open source communities is a great way to level up — whether it’s sharpening your technical skills, or learning more about communication, project management, remote development, and more.

  • Speaking at conferences, meetups, or blogging.

    Meeting new people at events will give you chance to network with others and pursue relevant job positions. Taking it a step further by speaking at these events will also help you build a personal brand and improve your public speaking skills.

  • Organizing meetup groups and participating in community forums.

    If you’re good at planning and project management, you might find that leading local community chapters, like a DevSecCon meetup group, is a great way to contribute to the community and facilitate a safe space for other developers like you to grow and learn. If you’re more of the


    type, then you can use online forums like StackOverflow, or

    DevSecCon’s Discord

    server, to chat with other software security enthusiasts and engineers.

Snyk’s community lead, Sam Hepburn, has great advice about contributing to open source projects. Sam recently won awards for Community Professional of the Year and Developer Relations Community Professional, so you probably want to read what she has to say.

The Big Fix helps you find your next job! 

From Feb 14 through March 14, 2023, Snyk will be running its annual The Big Fix campaign. This event is an opportunity for all developers (regardless of experience level) to help secure the open source software we all rely on by finding and fixing vulnerabilities with Snyk’s IDE extension, source-code integration, and other free tooling.

The big fix campaign invites you to find and fix security vulnerabilities and earn swag and leaderboard prizes.

We partnered with other tech organizations to create a prioritized list of open job opportunities in a variety of roles. In the list below, you can find roles at ServiceNow, Enso, Vanta, Sysdig, and Brightsec — who are hiring for anything from cybersecurity, to engineering management and development positions.

Find your next dream job with one of our partners who’s hiring right now:


Job opening

Apply for a job


Cyber Security Compliance Analyst

More jobs here


Senior Backend Developer



Senior Frontend Engineer



Engineering Manager



Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack



Senior Software Engineer



Staff Developer Advocate



Staff Software Engineer



Senior Software Engineer (Agent, Core)



Senior Ruby/C++ Developer



Senior BackEnd Developer


Last but not least, don’t forget to join Snyk’s 24 hour live stream on February 28th for The Big Fix and catch any of your favorite talks from the agenda.

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