Investing in our planet: One tree planted for each new Snyker

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April 22, 2022

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In honor of Earth Day and in celebration of our growing community of Snykers, Snyk will be planting a tree for each new Snyker hired in 2022.

Hey! I’m Tori, Social Impact Programs Director at Snyk.

In 2018, I learned of Israel’s incredible afforestation effort and of the Jewish tradition of planting trees in the country’s landscape reserves in honor of loved ones or in celebration of a special occasion. I was so inspired by the idea that I ended up traveling to Neot Kedumim to plant trees alongside 30 awesome new friends I met through Jewish National Fund (JNF), a non-profit that’s planted over 260 million trees in Israel. JNF’s forest development work covers over 250,000 acres in Israel, providing luscious “green lungs” around congested cities that provide recreation and respite to Israelis. It was an incredible experience!

Planting trees in Neot Kedumim, Israel.

Here at Snyk, we’re committed to mobilizing our technology, resources and community (users, customers, partners, investors and Snykers) to enable a more secure, inclusive and sustainable technology sector. Being that Israel is one of the places we started as a company, we feel that the JNF’s initiative is very fitting to our culture and mission. Through our Snyk Impactinitiatives, we’re laser focused on making social and environmental impact that matters, and building momentum for the entire Snyk community. This includes taking strides to operate as a carbon neutral, sustainable company.

To celebrate Earth Day and its theme of Invest in our Planet, Snyk will be planting one tree in honor of each new Snyker hired in 2022. This will be done in partnership with the JNF and OneTreePlanted, another non-profit organization working globally to restore forests and make a positive social impact in the world. To celebrate the strength of our growing community, Snyk’s trees will be planted in locations around the world that map to our geographic footprint, starting with Israel as homage to our roots as a company. For Q1, 350+ trees will be planted by Snykers at the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim which will later be transferred to sites in the nature reserve where they are needed most.

I’m proud to be a part of this effort and excited to see how many trees Snyk can plant in 2022 as we grow our teams around the world!

To learn more about how Snyk is giving back, check out our Snyk Impact page. We’re in hypergrowth mode as we help teams develop fast while staying secure, so if you’re interested in learning more about Life At Snyk, check out our Careers page.

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