DevSecOps lifecycle coverage with new Snyk and Dynatrace app

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Sarah Conway

May 15, 2023

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Balancing the volume of applications and the increased deployment frequency with the need for security is a struggle for both development and security teams. Recent research indicates that vulnerability management in modern software development has become more complex, with 69% of CISOs acknowledging this challenge. Consequently, many applications are not adequately covered by security scans. To maintain agility, teams need unified security insights across the software lifecycle that pinpoints gaps and enables proactive risk mitigation.

The solution is a new app from Snyk developed in collaboration with Dynatrace, the leader in unified observability and security. DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage with Snyk correlates Snyk Container and Dynatrace data and visualization capabilities to create a report that helps users see which running containers have been scanned by Snyk Container.

DevSecOps practices are essential because they integrate security into the software development process, ensuring that applications are secure from the start and throughout their lifecycle. This approach helps prevent security breaches and ensures enterprise companies can deliver secure and reliable digital services to their customers. To gain even deeper visibility into the application security posture, a unified view of application security from development through production is beneficial. 

Gain complete visibility and fix vulnerabilities without disrupting productivity

The Snyk and Dynatrace app offers a range of benefits, including providing a unified view of security and performance from development and pre-production through production. By pairing Snyk scanning results with Dynatrace’s unique AI-powered observability platform, DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage with Snyk enables AppSec teams to observe, investigate, fix, and govern with a single solution to secure the entire DevSecOps lifecycle. It also automates vulnerability management and helps to mitigate risk.  

The integration also allows teams to monitor scanning coverage for container images from development to production. Seeing the percentage of running containers that were scanned in pre-production helps shine a light on potential risks, while providing extra context for prioritizing what to fix first in your production environment to make it as secure as possible. 

Shed light on AppSec blindspots

Developers often have a lack of visibility into application vulnerabilities during development, making it challenging for security teams to detect vulnerabilities in production. This creates a significant blind spot that makes it difficult for both teams to decide what vulnerabilities to prioritize and fix.

The DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage app provides an end-to-end view from source code to runtime, allowing teams to monitor scanning coverage for container images to eliminate security blind spots and organizational silos. 

This end-to-end view offers the context developers and security teams need to make informed decisions on which vulnerabilities to address (and in what order), ultimately improving your applications' overall security. 

How to get started

Ready to bridge observability and security for complete lifecycle coverage?

Want to learn more about the Snyk and Dynatrace strategic alliance? Check out our press release.

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