Application Security

Want to impress your boss with your security knowledge? Stay up to date by learning why application security is important and how you can improve.

10 AWS security considerations when migrating

Learn about the different AWS security considerations you should make when migrating to Amazon Web Services.

November 29, 2022

Can gamification unite development and security?

Gamification is a great way to make security exciting for developers. Learn about a few ways guests from The Secure Developer have gamified security.

November 28, 2022

How to use GitHub Actions environment variables

This hands-on article discusses the environment variables available within GitHub Actions and when we should use them.

November 22, 2022

How to write tests in Python using doctest

In this article, we’ll walk through setup, write, and test your first doctest in Python — giving you all the information you need to get started.

November 21, 2022

Writing unit tests in Java

In this post, we’ll learn how to install and use JUnit 5 to write unit tests for some Java code. We’ll use the VSCode integrated development environment (IDE) for writing our tests and Java 11 with Maven to execute them.

November 18, 2022

Setting up SSL/TLS for Kubernetes Ingress

This article demonstrates how to configure TLS/SSL certificates with the Ingress controller in Kubernetes. We’ll set up an NGINX Ingress controller, create a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate, create the necessary rules to link the SSL/TLS certificate to the controller, and hook it up to a Kubernetes sample app service.

November 17, 2022

Dependency injection in JavaScript

In this article, you'll learn what dependency injection is, when you should use it, and what popular JavaScript frameworks it's implemented in.

November 17, 2022

How Atlassian used Snyk to solve Log4Shell

In this post, we’ll recap Walz’s experience using Snyk to detect and remediate Log4Shell at Atlassian, as well as Silverman’s more in-depth talk about the impact of Log4Shell.

November 16, 2022

5 best practices for building modern access control for cloud applications

Learn best practices for building modern access control for cloud applications, covering RBAC, security and compliace, IAM, access control layers, reducing attack surface area, and more.

November 15, 2022

Fetch the Flag CTF 2022 writeup: Potty Training

Learn how to solve the Potty Training challenge from Snyk's 2022 Fetch the Flag CTF competition.

November 11, 2022

Fetch the Flag CTF 2022 writeup: Disposable Message

Learn how to solve the Disposable Message challenge from Snyk's 2022 Fetch the Flag CTF competition.

November 9, 2022