Call for nominations: The Snykie awards for Secure Development

Written by:
Sarah Wills

September 28, 2021

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Snyk knows that building security into your software can be a thankless task. Often, the only time security is recognized is when something goes wrong — not exactly the kind of recognition anyone wants. So, to flip the script and thank the security-minded teams and organizations that keep us safe, we’ve come up with an award to recognize all the work that goes into not making headlines: the Snykie.

For this first round of awards, we will be giving out the Snykie for Secure Development. This Snykie is for developers that:

  • Make sure that security a key priority during development

  • Work closely with AppSec teams to stay current with security best practices

  • Have caught serious vulnerabilities before they hit production

  • Introduce new processes or create new tools to make security easier for everyone

  • Are well-known security champions and cheerleaders at an organization

  • Proactively take on the responsibility of developing secure code

And to find these security champions, we want your nominations! When you read the above description, did any names instantly come to mind? Which of your teammates always goes out of their way to share the latest security best practices? Who is the one that always seems to be able to spot vulnerable code or infrastructure? Who seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of which open source libraries are safe and which should be avoided at all costs?

Rules, recognition, and rewards

Ok, now that you hopefully have some names in mind, there are a few rules for The Snykie for Secure Development. Nominees cannot:

  • Be security professionals (sorry AppSec, but it’s already your job)

  • Be a Snyk employee (there are easier ways to get swag)

  • Have already won a Snykie (applicable next round!)

We are accepting nominations starting today. As nominations come in, our Snykie judging committee will review the submissions, argue amongst themselves about which security champions are most deserving, and then come to a final decision which we will announce throughout the month of October.

If you are a winner you can expect the following:

  • Swag gift (of course!)

  • Social recognition on the Snyk LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

  • Blog post recognition

Nominate your security champions today

We need your help to make the Snykies a success, and more importantly, to make all the unseen security folks seen and appreciated. When secure development is encouraged and rewards, we all get the benefits of a more secure world.

So nominate today and help your security champions get the recognition they deserve!

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