Announcing new container registry integrations

Snyk is excited to share that we’ve recently added new integrations with your container registries, including Amazon Elastic, Google and Microsoft Azure container registries (ECR, GCR, ACR).

And, more are on the way—we’ll soon offer additional ones, including Artifactory, Quay and Nexus.

With these new integrations, you’ll be able to scan your container images directly from within your registries. 

The following image shows our new container registry integration options:


Once an integration is set, import your images as Snyk projects, and test and monitor them. 

For each image you can also include your Dockerfile for testing, and receive Snyk’s additional remediation advice for parent image remediation:



The following image shows an example of filtering our projects view, according to the newly set integrations:

Getting started 

Add a new container registry integration by visiting our Integrations page or read more about setting up a new integration in our documentation.

Stay secure!