Launching Cloud Foundry Support at CF Summit

Guy Podjarny's avatar Guy Podjarny

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched support for testing Cloud Foundry applications for vulnerable libraries with Snyk! Sign-up and start securing your applications today!

Screenshot of the Snyk Integrations page where you can choose with serverless platforms to monitor, including Cloud Foundry

Snyk’s tight integration with Cloud Foundry allows Snyk to see exactly what code has been deployed, and which dependencies are used in each droplet. Snyk will test each dependency against our vulnerability database to see if there are any known vulnerabilities and, if any are found, alert you so you can address them quickly.

Your application will then be regularly tested going forward, alerting you to any newly discovered vulnerabilities in your droplets, and letting you know when it’s time to update or restage your applications.

We’re at Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara for the next couple of days. If you’re around, we would love to let you see the integration first hand, and help you get it setup on your existing applications.

If you would like to connect with us directly, you can get ahold of Guy and Geva on Twitter, or just message Snyk. You can also come find our booth at the left side of the show floor, near where the drinks are being served. Look for the big Snyk Logo.

The Snyk Logo

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