Snyk Impact

Our mission

Mobilize Snyk’s technology, resources and community (users, customers, partners, investors and Snykers) to enable a more secure, inclusive and sustainable sector.

Focus areas

Addressing problems for our social and environmental stakeholders positively impacts society and builds momentum for the entire Snyk community.

Snyk’s IE&D efforts

Snyk’s Inclusion, Equity & Diversity initiatives are both focused internally at Snyk and externally with the broader developer community.

Snyk tech impact

We are empowering social impact organizations with the power of Snyk technology. Contact us for details on nonprofit pricing.

Snyk climate program

Snyk operates as a CarbonNeutral® certified company, and is taking strides to develop a path to net zero.

Snyk supports local causes & crises

Snyk supports initiatives that positively impact the communities in which our Snykers live and work.


Our commitment

We are committed to increasing IE&D (Inclusion, Equity & Diversity) across Snyk and our industry, enabling security and digital capacity in the social impact sector, and operating in a sustainable way. 

Care deeply

Structure and impact

One of our core values, to Care Deeply, is woven into the culture of Snyk. We don’t consider societal impact a side project. Because we care deeply about this effort and mission, we embed it into how we plan, build, partner and go to market. Our civil society, employee, user and developer community stakeholders are our partners in producing social, environmental and financial returns.