Snyk Cloud


Snyk Cloud

Developer-focused cloud security across the SDLC

Cloud security with a unified policy as code engine so every team can develop, deploy, and operate safely in the cloud.

Cloud security designed for developers

Snyk detects cloud security issues as soon as developers start designing configurations, providing expert guidance to platform and security engineering teams in the tools and workflows they use every day.

Write policies once, use them everywhere

Boost automation and reduce noise via consistent security and compliance — powered by Open Policy Agent (OPA).

Query across your cloud environment

Get an interactive view of your cloud deployments and prioritize risks across your environment.

Remediate faster with actionable fixes

Find and quickly fix vulnerabilities using remediation guidance backed by industry-leading intelligence.

Tealium Inc

“Snyk helps ensure our IaC is secure before code is committed and now Snyk Cloud helps me verify that my cloud infrastructure is also secure,  post-deployment. The ability to identify security holes that may have been introduced outside of IaC is invaluable to us.”


Security Engineer

Security guardrails across cloud native platforms

Stay secure across Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Cloud security that sees the big picture

Snyk Cloud empowers teams to proactively and continuously secure and remediate cloud misconfigurations through code.

Secure from the start

Integrate IaC security into developer workflows to detect and fix issues in configurations as they’re created and prevent misconfigurations from reaching production.

Keep an eye on your entire cloud

The Snyk Cloud resource data engine continuously snapshots cloud environments to capture cloud configurations and relationships, making it easy for you to stay aware and secure.

Streamline compliance audits

Identify compliance violations for 10+ frameworks including CIS, SOC 2, and PCI DSS. Triage and fix compliance issues faster with Compliance Issues reporting and drill-down filters for specific controls and severity levels.

Snyk’s cloud security solution

Snyk empowers teams to design, deploy, and operate securely using tools that catch issues in cloud and containers, detect infrastructure drift, and fix issues at their source.

Unified Policy Engine

Let all stakeholders operate efficiently under a single source of truth for cloud policy using OPA.

IaC security

Secure your infrastructure as code before you deploy and detect drift as it occurs.

Container security

Scan your base images and K8s manifests before you deploy. Stay secure at runtime with Sysdig.

Compliance automation

Take advantage of comprehensive, best-in-class cloud compliance right out of the box with 10+ supported frameworks.