Be compliant as early as coding

Ensure the licenses you use are compliant to your defined policy, at every stage of development

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Scan. Get visibility to all the licenses that are being used.

BOM report

An automated report including the type of license available for each package that is your organization is using.

Copyright info

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A report defining the copyright information that has a sharing requirement for each package that your organization is using.

Languages supported

License data is collected from various registries and compared against SPDX’s license standards; including: npm (JS), Maven (Java), .Net (Nuget), pypi (Python) & Ruby Gems (Ruby).

Comply. Define policies and take automatic actions to verify compliance.

Defining policies

create a custom license policy by selecting the licenses type that violate the policy and the severity level of each violation. Snyk provides an out-of-the-box configuration of a policy which can be reviewed and updated accordingly.

Gating non-compliant packages

run automated tests to filter out violations to policies and alert when a violation is discovered. Gating can be done by scanning and failing a pull request and a build process or by reject a package from Artifactory plugin during coding or build.

Legal team support

supporting developers by allowing legal teams to provide actionable instructions for developers per each license type.

Notifications & alerts

Get alerts for violations via Slack, Jira and email for easier tracking and monitoring.

Start early. Verify compliance at every stage of development

Verify that the packages that are included to your code are compliant with the defined policy

Automatically scan each new pull request for licenses violation as part of the merge process

Scan your projects to get an overview of your compliance status 

Gate your build process with a compliance test to avoid or alert  policy violations

Ensure your deployed application does not include any licenses that interfere with your defined policy

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