Snyk Infrastructure as Code

Put cloud native configuration security in the hands of developers

Find and fix security issues in Terraform and Kubernetes code

Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) helps developers write secure configurations, well before anything reaches production. Snyk’s developer-first approach meets developers where they work and provides fixes that can be directly merged into code.

Empower developers to handle IaC security

Built to help developers secure entire cloud native application code stack

Build-in security best practices

Turn IaC security best practices into code fixes in your developers’ workflow

IaC security at scale

Embed your security expertise in every application team, without hiring more people

Developer-focused infrastructure as code security

Test and monitor Terraform modules and Kubernetes YAML, JSON, and Helm charts to detect configuration issues that could open your deployments to attack and malicious behavior.

Snyk Infrastructure as Code security user interface


Curated security information that empowers developers to fix issues and move on.

Security in context

Highlight configuration issues directly in your code, to learn and reinforce secure infrastructure as code development practices.

Automatically fix issues

Fixes generated automatically so you can merge and eliminate the guesswork of creating secure configurations.


IaC security without complexity

Snyk IaC is designed to help security and development teams work together. Snyk fits the way developers work, providing instructive infrastructure as code security advice and fixes without the need to translate pages of benchmarks into code.

Reduce risk

Eliminate manual, error-prone code reviews that require deep subject matter expertise on every team.

Prioritize developer focus

Customizable built-in rules allow you to embed your security best practices in the development and test process.

Secure from the start

Integrates with developers’ workflows. Test and monitor locally, in CI, or from git repositories.

Snyk embeds cloud native application security in every development team

Modern applications are more than just the code your developers create. Snyk IaC is part of the Snyk platform, helping developers build software securely across the cloud native application stack, including open source, containers, Kubernetes and infrastructure as code.

Snyk Open Source

Automatically find, prioritize, and fix vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies throughout the development process.

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Snyk Container

The only container security
solution designed with developers
in mind, to help fix vulnerabilities in container images and Kubernetes workloads.

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Snyk IaC

Puts cloud native configuration security in the hands of developers, to reduce risk from misconfiguring infrastructure and resources before applications are ever deployed.

Snyk Intel Vulnerability DB

The most advanced and accurate open source vulnerability database in the industry. Continuously curated by an experienced Security Research Team to optimize efficiency at containing open source security issues, while maintaining focus on development.