Snyk and StackHawk form strategic alliance to equip app teams with modern, developer-first security testing



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Application innovation, design, development, quality assurance, and security testing have changed dramatically over the past decade. Engineering teams are leveraging agile development processes, modern cloud platforms, reusable microservices, and extensible APIs, enabling them to shift to more frequent deployments more easily.

Even though the design-to-delivery lifecycle has transformed over the years, application security teams still struggle to keep up with the growing landscape of applications within their organization. Scanning all the applications for vulnerabilities and working with engineering to fix issues can prove overwhelming without the right tools, context, and workflows in place.

AppSec teams require data-driven tooling that equips engineers with tools that help them catch vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, utilizing automated testing to find and fix them before they are released to production. Without this capability, engineers are forced to scramble after the fact, often creating a world of chaos that disrupts internal processes and can also negatively impact end-user and customer experiences.

This is where Snyk’s strategic alliance with StackHawk comes in, bringing modern, developer-centric perspectives to application security to provide a holistic, scalable approach to securing the SDLC in development.

Introducing modern, automated, developer-first AppSec

Snyk and StackHawk offer a best-in-class application security solution for modern software teams. With Snyk and StackHawk, DevOps teams can automate open source vulnerability management across the SDLC and leverage both static and dynamic testing in CI/CD. These solutions will alert developers when new security issues are uncovered, doing so early in the development lifecycle, and equipping engineers with the tools, information, and context required for quicker self-service fixes. Snyk and StackHawk’s security solutions offer a different, more modern approach to application security:

Developer-first AppSec

Snyk and StackHawk provide the most developer-friendly application security testing tools on the market. With Snyk for software composition analysis (SCA) and static application security testing (SAST) and StackHawk for dynamic application security testing (DAST), developers are equipped with the information and context they need to find and fix vulnerabilities quickly.

AppSec for modern apps

Modern applications require a different set of application security testing tools. The tools must be built to test microservices, the backing APIs, the languages that today's teams use, and the open source dependencies found in pretty much every development environment - all covered by Snyk and StackHawk’s solutions.

Automated AppSec testing

With Snyk and StackHawk, application security testing (SCA, SAST, and DAST) can be automated in CI/CD pipelines. Our new integration ensures alerts for identified security issues are sent to developers early in the SDLC, confirming the vulnerabilities are caught before being shipped to production.

Integrate Snyk and StackHawk to Meet Your AppSec Challenges

When it comes to code security, Snyk and StackHawk offer solutions that are more neatly integrated into the iterative DevOps model, where legacy code security solutions remain disconnected.

StackHawk’s latest integration with Snyk Code allows customers to connect their SAST projects in the Snyk platform to their DAST apps in StackHawk. When connected, users will have access to comprehensive, correlated scan results within StackHawk by way of a new Snyk Code tab on the Finding Details page of every connected project.

Correlated results include CWE information, file paths, the actual line of code where a detected vulnerability can be found, and more. Making this data available early in the CI/CD pipeline empowers developers and their teams to continue shifting their AppSec processes to the left.

Overcoming your AppSec challenges with Snyk and StackHawk

Connect your Snyk and StackHawk deployments now to begin answering the AppSec questions that are most undoubtedly top-of-mind for your business, operations, security, and risk teams:

  • What are my apps, and what do they do?

  • What level of importance do they have?

  • How important is the data they handle?

  • How frequently do they get released?

  • What’s the overall risk status across all my apps?

  • How do we collaborate across testing and engineering to fix the issues?

Whether you’re a young company just starting to incorporate security or an established organization navigating the shift toward decentralization, Snyk and StackHawk can help. Experience modern dynamic application security testing with a free StackHawk account, and then find and fix vulnerabilities across your entire development life cycle with a free Snyk account.

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