Introducing the ASPM Masterclass


March 12, 2024

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As developer teams build software with increasing speed and agility, application security posture management (ASPM) is rapidly becoming an essential practice for managing risk. A Gartner study predicts that over 40% of all organizations will have adopted ASPM by 2026.

Snyk’s latest masterclass series, Unlocking AppSec Excellence, aims to educate the market on ASPM and how application security leaders can use it to build an effective risk-based AppSec program.

Attendees will learn to create AppSec initiatives that prioritize risk management, establish KPIs for gauging effectiveness, and foster smoother collaboration between engineering teams and executive leadership.

Check out the course curriculum below, then consider signing up to gain the necessary tools and expertise to develop, oversee, and expand an AppSec program tailored to your organization's needs.

Six ASPM fundamentals to achieve AppSec mastery

Each webinar session features a Snyk SME discussing one aspect of incorporating ASPM into your AppSec program. Here’s what each chapter will cover: 

Chapter 1: Intro to ASPM | Building better AppSec programs with ASPM featuring Sonya Moisset Senior Security Advocate, DevRel, Snyk. Learn foundational principles around building an AppSec program, as well as the core principles of ASPM and how to apply and scale them. 

Chapter 2: An AppSec inspection: Visibility and coverage with Chen Gour-Arie, Snyk’s Director of Engineering. Learn how to define an “asset” and perform a gap analysis to ensure optimal resource utilization and coverage.

Chapter 3: Creating a risk-based blueprint with Micah Silverman, Director of Developer Relations, and Rick Bosworth, Cloud Security Leader, SentinelOne. Learn about the concept of risk-based AppSec management. 

Chapter 4: Control the next zero-day with Omer Yaron, Senior Research Engineer, Snyk, and Alex Lawerence, Field CISO, Sysdig. Enhance your incident response management by learning how to prioritize assets and create an AppSec incident response plan.

Chapter 5: Measuring success with Clinton Herget, Field CTO, Snyk. Evaluate the success of your programs based on meaningful metrics and KPIs for each stakeholder.

Chapter 6: Empowering your team members: Creating a culture of trust with Vandana Verma Sehgal, Security Relations Leader, and Michele Chubirka, Staff Cloud Security Advocate, Google. Understand the various stakeholders, their roles, and motivations, and discover how security can empower a culture of trust and ownership. 

You can sample one or two sessions or take all six for the full course experience. Attendees who sign up for the entire series will receive: 

  • Access to all 6 webinar sessions.

  • A cheat sheet.

  • One chapter for each webinar which combines to create a comprehensive ASPM playbook.

  • The opportunity to earn up to 6 CPE credits.

  • Certification of ASPM Masterclass course completion.

The first three sessions are live, but there’s still plenty of time to join in. Register today to catch the live webinars, or watch each virtual event on demand and get ready to own ASPM in your org.

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