Lunar trusts Snyk to provide a developer-first approach, setting the company up for regulatory compliance in the fintech sector

Customer Spotlight

Kasper Nissen

Lead Platform Architect

Industry: Finserv
Location: Denmark


Quick and easy integration into existing development workflows.

A collaborative work process that empowers developers through the security process and matches the cultural outlook of Lunar.

Increased visibility to help identify and determine which vulnerabilities need to be targeted before they become critical.

Base Image remediation advice quickly eliminates extensive vulnerabilities helping scale the security process quickly.

Supporting compliance to advanced international regulatory standards required for Lunar’s continued growth and success.

The Challenge: implement a security solution to meet regulatory requirements as a new bank

As a startup operating with only 120+ employees, Lunar empower their developers with the responsibility for addressing problems as they come up and ensure the company remains compliant.  The ability to execute strategy and accomplish goals across the organization in a timely way is paramount to maintaining the company’s rapid growth. The addition of a banking license in 2019 provided even more of a challenge to meet a whole new set of regulatory standards they were unprepared for. It was determined a solution would need to be found that could be quickly and easily integrated into current workflows. 

During the search Lunar found other companies were big and very enterprising - something that didn’t fit in with their start up culture. Instead they sought out true partners who would grow with them and tailor the solution to their needs, not just offer a standard solution to license.

"We want to be able to provide feedback and hopefully get the things that we're interested in, into the product as well. And so that was also a key thing in choosing Snyk because we felt we could influence it in some way."

The Solution: developer first approach led to an easy deployment of Snyk and instant insight into security vulnerabilities

The challenge of a small team meant that Lunar needed a solution that could be used right away, and didn’t require special training or separate web application to facilitate developer adoption. Implementing Snyk into their pipeline helps the team get a clearer picture of vulnerabilities across the board. This allows a busy team, to see high level concerns and mitigate what’s most urgent at that time.

"We needed to get something that could be used right away. Instead of saying, `Oh, you're doing all these things. And now you need to monitor this dashboard over here as well."

Snyk Container empowered developers to immediately fix crucial vulnerabilities

The Lunar team has already seen a change for the better in the workflow of developers when it comes to reviewing vulnerabilities. Snyk Containers provides unique capabilities for base image remediation, ensuring developers do not have to dedicate more time than necessary to quickly remediate and eliminate dozens of vulnerabilities in one fell swoop . Snyk ensures images are monitored continuously, alerting developers when new vulnerabilities are discovered. These streamlined communications are a boon to fast-growing companies who cannot burden a team pulled in so many directions with a deluge of information they must pick through.  

"We tend to only push the right amount of info to developers and they can take it from there."

The Impact: Quick developer adoption meant a rapid and drastic reduction in the number of high severity vulnerabilities

While it was once difficult to find which dependencies need upgrades or has upgrades available, Snyk made it easier to do just that and get those needs into the automated pipeline. Now, it’s a matter of spending a fixed amount of time each day to discover if there’s something that needs to be fixed, then scheduling the time to fix it. The impact has been incredible. 

"We went from 2,000 high vulnerabilities to a couple of hundred. Snyk provided a lot of value and went a long way to getting the developers to see this is a critical issue that needs to be regularly addressed."

Snyk helped Lunar quickly scale a stronger approach to security and easily meet looming regulatory requirements. When compared to other solutions, Snyk got off the ground faster and got the Lunar team the data needed to get their security process prioritized and solve problems from day one. The almost immediate drop in vulnerabilities also encouraged buy in throughout the company and generated excitement about what Snyk could do to fix other valuable parts of the business.

About Lunar

Lunar, founded in 2015,  is a 100% digital mobile-based bank set on the mission to fundamentally change banking. The company is growing quickly with over 150,000 users throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and acquired a banking license in 2019 to propel the company into even further growth.

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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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