Snyk Unifies Open Source and Container Security for Coveo

It’s an exciting time for our team with the recent launch of Snyk Container and just coming back from KubeCon. The best validation though comes when users and customers find Snyk’s products valuable to their business. 

Coveo, which uses artificial intelligence technology to personalize millions of digital experiences, started using Snyk for license management last year and quickly extended its use of Snyk for container security and open source vulnerability reporting. 

Our new Coveo case study looks at how the AI-powered search company uses Snyk to solve license violations and security vulnerabilities as early as possible in development.  While the company had embraced DevOps, Snyk allowed Coveo to more easily follow security processes, making it an excellent fit for its 100 full-time developers. 

With most of its code running in Docker containers, Coveo’s Security Analyst Jean-Philippe Lachance’s advice is to never assume you’re safe from vulnerabilities, even if you are running the latest version.

Julien Duchesne, a DevOps tooling developer at Coveo, recommends security teams embrace security and start using Snyk as soon as possible in development, rather than several years down the road when you have 10,000 vulnerabilities. Check out the full case study to learn more about Snyk’s impact at Coveo.