Snyk Receives “Best CEO” Award

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Dipti Salopek
Dipti Salopek

December 12, 2019

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We’re excited to share that our CEO and fearless leader, Peter McKay, was recognised as a top 10 “Best CEO” by Comparably’s Best Places to Work awards 2019. Comparably’s Best Places to Work winners are selected based on anonymous employee ratings submitted on the Comparably site between November 2018-19. For this amazing recognition, we have our employees to thank above all else, for this great kudos.

And, since we get to work with Peter every day - we know exactly what our employees mean!

Throughout his career of leadership roles, Peter has been guided by his fundamental principles: learning from every opportunity and growing his skill set by taking big risks. “Everything I’ve achieved has been because I’ve carried the lessons learned from my past experiences. I get better at what I do by always seeking to see and learn things that I have never done before.” This instinct to learn has drawn him to companies that offer new challenges — and at Snyk, we are happy to deliver this type of adventure on a platter.

As we continue to grow rapidly here at Snyk, Peter offers some advice on nurturing culture through these phases hyper-growth:

  • In making decisions, think of the customer first, not yourself. We all win when the customer wins.

  • Hire people that are hungry, humble and smart. It goes without saying stands repeating: don’t hire jerks.

  • It’s important to build a culture around trust and empowerment. Let them do their job. They’ll come to me if they need some help.

  • Focus on being a team player. It’s far more important what your team thinks of you, than what I do.

Want to learn more about Peter’s leadership style and approach? Read the full and insightful interview here. Want to know more about what it’s like to be at Snyk? Read more about our Company values, or check us out on Glassdoor, Comparably or Instagram (@lifeatsnyk).

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