Introducing the Snyk Partner Solutions Directory for discovering Snyk technology integrations

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Sarah Conway

April 3, 2023

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We are excited to introduce our new Snyk Partner Solutions Directory, which follows the recent announcement of several new members joining our Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP). This new directory, designed to accelerate application engineering projects by promoting secure and efficient software production, comprises technology-driven solutions created by Snyk and our TAPP members.  

The focus of the Snyk TAPP initiative is to provide our partners with an easy way to extend the Snyk platform, and build custom integrations our customers can use to secure their applications with confidence. The new Snyk Partner Solutions Directory provides a centralized resource containing the latest solutions, which customize and automate Snyk security as part of our partners’ workflows. This gives end customers many options, ranging from enhanced monitoring and alerting to more advanced reporting, to help raise the bar on application security throughout the software supply chain. 

Using the directory, you can quickly and easily identify Snyk partners that are ready to help you address your specific security challenges or requirements. Some common categories and use cases include:

  • Application security testing and scanning

  • Secure code analysis and management

  • Software supply chain, open source, and API security

  • Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities 

  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery

  • Developer self-service and platform engineering

  • Cloud security, containerization, and orchestration

  • Threat modeling, risk management, and compliance

  • Security incident and event management

Bringing Snyk to new enterprise workflows 

Snyk’s TAPP partner integrations make it easier for your developer and security teams to assess, monitor, and track security issues throughout the software development lifecycle. To highlight a few: 

  • appNovi: appNovi integrates Snyk with other cloud and on-premise network and security solutions to accelerate risk identification, prioritization, and incident response. 

  • ArmorCode:  ArmorCode’s integration correlates Snyk findings with more than 150 other security tools, unifying vulnerability management and automating workflows. 

  • Cortex: The Cortex integration with Snyk Code provides full visibility into microservice architecture, ownership, and exposure to cut remediation time and ensure alignment with best practice.

  • OpsLevel: The OpsLevel integration allows you to easily check for critical, high, medium, and low priority vulnerabilities within your services, verifying they meet the standards you define.

  • ServiceNow: Snyk Open Source, the first and only SCA integrated in ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response, helps deliver a centralized view of risks to find and fix security issues faster.  

  • Torq: The Snyk App for Torq accelerates the creation of application security workflows by connecting all your security tools and vendors in one place to automate work, specify outputs and notifications, and optimize your time and security team.

“As pressure mounts for business leaders and engineering teams to keep on pace for innovation, it has become equally critical for organizations to increase developer productivity without compromising security. With the introduction of the Snyk Partner Solutions Directory, we’re excited to help enterprises accelerate their application development and delivery life cycles by establishing trust and a unified view of security throughout their organization. This keeps the security professional in lock step with developer teams, eliminating the friction disparate AppSec offerings often create.”

- Jill Wilkins, Senior Director, Global Alliances, Snyk

“Code is just as much of an asset to security as infrastructure. However, in the Security Operations Center it was difficult to understand the impact of a code’s vulnerability on the business and network because code wasn’t integrated into security operations. That’s why we’re so excited to integrate Snyk into our Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture platform. Our joint customers immediately understand the impact of vulnerabilities in their code base to network, server, and software deployments. We are excited to partner with Snyk to remove the barriers we experienced firsthand and enable far more efficient risk management and non-disruptive incident response.”

- Ethan Smart, appNovi, Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect

“Our goal as an internal developer portal is to be the new homepage for developers — and that means giving them centralized insight into how their software is performing at a glance. Security is one of the biggest priorities for product developers and DevOps teams. We've always been proud to partner with Snyk in order to give OpsLevel users an easy way to run exhaustive security checks across their infrastructure, and we're excited to continue prioritizing a security-first mindset as a Select member of their TAPP Program.”

- Ken Rose, CTO and Co-Founder, OpsLevel

“ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response solution paired with Snyk’s developer-first security tooling enables teams to centrally manage and respond to open source vulnerabilities across applications with new insights provided by Snyk. This provides a single view into all application vulnerabilities from multiple sources, determines their priority, and helps expedite the remediation process with relevant stakeholders across the organization to reduce the attack surface.”

- Lou Fiorello, VP & GM of Security Products, ServiceNow

“Torq is proud to have its enterprise-grade security automation platform available as part of Snyk’s new Partner Solutions Directory. The combination of Torq and Snyk delivers a highly potent cyberdefense posture possible across Snyk’s developer security ecosystem. Together, we're greatly enriching and simplifying the process of finding and remediating vulnerabilities before they can affect enterprise customers. This extends from the first lines of code a developer creates, all the way through every element of its corporate cloud infrastructure.”

- Eldad Livni, Co-Founder & CINO, Torq

Snyk welcomes new TAPP members

Snyk’s unique developer-centric approach, bolstered by increasingly strong industry demand for this rapidly growing market category, continues to attract new members to the Snyk TAPP initiative. Slack, which is partnering with Snyk to enable developer security and make the world a more secure place, is our newest Advanced tier member. The following companies are joining at the Select level: Bright Security, Codenotary, Dassana, Legit Security, Monad, OpsLevel, Ox Security, Resmo, Tromzo, and Vulcan Cyber.

To learn more about the Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program, head over to the TAPP homepage.

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