Snyk is now also hosted in the EU providing regional data residency

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Daniel Berman
Daniel Berman

June 28, 2022

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From day one, Snyk’s vision has been to enable development and security teams across the world to develop fast while staying secure. A key component of this vision is ensuring our customers feel confident in using our developer security platform.

This is why we place the utmost importance on keeping our customers’ data safe and helping them address their security and compliance requirements. Snyk meets recognized security standards and is fully committed to expanding coverage and incorporating new guidance and industry best practices.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we are excited to announce the general availability of a new datacenter in the EU (Frankfurt), supporting our growing expansion in the region by further helping EU-based organizations secure their applications with Snyk while also complying with their data residency needs!

The need for data residency

This trend, however, which only intensified during COVID-19, dovetails with another growing trend — that of governments engaged in the forming and enforcing of data governance laws referring to the different methods by which data is processed, stored, and shared. Increasingly, companies are being required to keep their data in a particular geographic location. And so, whether because of legislative or regulatory demands, contractual agreements, or internal corporate policies, data residency has now become a key consideration for enterprises when procuring and deploying new cloud-based software. In the EU, for example, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has dramatically changed the way businesses think about how personal data is processed and handled.

Snyk’s developer security in the EU

Hosted on AWS in Frankfurt, Germany, and adhering to leading international standards of data security and privacy, this new region will enable companies to secure their applications with Snyk’s developer security platform while storing their data within the borders of the EU. This new way of deploying Snyk provides customers with:

  • Fast time-to-value: Multi-tenancy ensures the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to use the full Snyk developer security platform to secure your applications.

  • Superior uptime, performance, and resiliency: Snyk ships with out-of-the-box resiliency, scalability, and performance, with a 99.9% SLA serving thousands of organizations around the world.

  • In line with leading security standards: Snyk operates its cloud-based architecture with the highest security standards, with strict security controls, data encryption, and monitoring protocols.

Snyk’s ongoing commitment

Support for data residency in the EU is the latest example of our continuedinvestment in enterprise-grade security and compliance. Snyk strives to remain compliant with applicable data protection laws and regulations, and maintains an ISO 27001, ISO27017 and SOC 2 Type II certification. . As mentioned already, we are fully committed to meeting new data governance and protection requirements as these emerge and are required by our customers.

In addition to this new EU region, we will be adding support for data residency in additional regions around the world.

Stay tuned for news.

The new support for data residency in the EU is available as part of the Snyk Enterprise plan.

To learn more about this deployment option, get in touch with us today.

To learn more about security at Snyk, including data residency, visit our security portal.

For more information on how Snyk handles your data, please refer to our online documentation.

Visit this page to learn more about Snyk’s deployment options.

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