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Snyk participates in Atlassian Remote Summit and limited-time Bitbucket Cloud promotion

With a shared goal to help developers code, build, and ship their applications faster and more securely than ever, we are excited to sponsor the Atlassian Remote Summit, April 1-2. 

Announced just in time for Summit, Atlassian created a special limited-time Bitbucket Cloud promotion, which bundles Snyk and other developer tools.

This special offer, available through June 30, 2020, features AWS and Sentry, plus free unlimited Snyk tests for public and private Git repositories and container images hosted on Bitbucket Cloud. To take advantage of this, Bitbucket users that upgrade to either the Standard or Premium plans through June 30th, can redeem our special offer with a custom signup link that will be sent via email 3-5 days after the upgrade.  

Snyk is proud to partner with Atlassian, and we are continuing to build on our Bitbucket integration. No one wants to be alerted to a security flaw after the fact, find a security violation, and stop everything to go fix it. You want to find and fix security vulnerabilities and license issues at every phase of your workflow to prevent this. With Snyk’s Bitbucket integration, you can quickly add Snyk scanning to your pipelines to find, fix, prevent and monitor for vulnerabilities at different points of the CI/CD workflow. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing deeper Bitbucket Cloud integration bringing exciting new functionality and features to the development experience. 

Today, you can take advantage of the existing integration to secure your Bitbucket workflows with Snyk. To learn more, please check out the following resources:

Safe coding!