Meet (and join) our newest Snyk Ambassadors – Fall 2022 edition!

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Gerald Crescione
Gerald Crescione

September 19, 2022

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It is our great pleasure to officially welcome on board our latest Snyk Ambassadors! As you may already know, Snyk ambassadors are security champions on a mission to help developers build more secure applications.

The first Snyk Ambassadors joined us last year with the goal to help us advocate for developer security and the shift left movement. Since then, we’ve expanded the group to nearly 30 people spread across over 15 countries in the world.

The Snyk Ambassadors are here to share their interests and expertise within their communities and help other developers and engineers build secure software. Their contributions come in various flavors: blog posts, videos, conference talks, live streams, and even the development of training applications. Snyk provides them with technical support whenever needed, early access to our roadmap, direct discussions with the product people, invitations to Snyk-hosted events, and more.

Join us in welcoming our new cohort, and feel free to connect with them across all social media. The easiest way to engage with them all at once is to join our community discord server. It’s a great place to join DevSecOps discussions, learn from each other, and hang out. We can’t wait to see you there

Abhishek Rajput


Based in the UK, Abhishek is a Senior Consulting Engineer. He loves to explore and experiment with technology and continuously integrate his findings to achieve the best of Cloud Native practices. Fun fact: Abhishek won the “Hack with Patch” security challenge during our Snyk Week in London.

Bartosz Pietrucha


With us from Poland, Bartosz is the founder of where he teaches development to thousands of developers around the world. A regular speaker at major conferences he also writes technical articles about full-stack Web development at

Keith McDuffee


Joining us from Massachusetts in the USA, Keith is a DevSecOps leader and is passionate about Hackathons — which is why he founded

Madhu Akula


A pragmatic security leader, working on product security, cloud native security, Mahdu created several OSS projects including Kubernetes Goat. Based in the Netherlands, he frequently speaks & trains at major events and conferences around the globe and contributes to communities like All Day DevOps, null, AWS, OWASP, etc.

Marek Šottl


Joining from the Czeck Republic, Marek is a hands-on DevSecOps architect running Hackitect´s playground YouTube channel. He is a speaker and open source contributor. Marek holds several industry certifications in security promoting further learning in the community. He has experience with small startups and also big enterprise engineering environments.

Mathias Conrad


With us from Germany, Mathias is a cybersecurity professional with a software engineering and pre-sales background, a passion for open source, automation and data privacy, and a strong entrepreneurial background and over 24 years of professional experience. CTO & Co-Founder at, Mathias is also a DevSecCon Germany Chapter Lead.

Miglen Evlogiev


A security professional with over 10 years of experience, Miglen is currently leading the information security effort at Payhawk, the first Bulgarian Unicorn Fintech. Chairman of the Bulgarian Cybersecurity Foundation which is focused on vulnerability disclosure and awareness, he is involved in building local and healthy infosec communities like and organizes events like OWASP Chapter Sofia,, and BSides Sofia.

Mohammad-Ali A'RÂBI


Our second joiner from Germany, Mohammad-Ali is a backend developer, a mathematician, and a nomad (so means his last name) who lived in and traveled to many countries. He is also a Docker Community Leader and lover of Gypsy Jazz who enjoys playing Mortal Kombat and researching linear type systems during his free time.

Seth Kirschner


Based in the NYC area, Seth is the Application Security Manager for DoubleVerify, a publicly traded company where he oversees application, cloud, data, DevSecOps, offensive testing, and product security. A prestigious “40 Under 40” alumni from Stevens Institute of Technology, Seth also co-founded Mira Therapeutics, Inc., a digital therapeutic technology for PTSD and trauma sufferers.

Tim Armstrong


Another joiner from the UK, Tim is a technical writer, a software engineering consultant, and a very active Twitch Streamer. Fun fact: Tim has worn many hats over the years, including an official “Dark Lord of Network Operations” title.

Tobias Klingel


Based in Singapore, Tobias is the Head of Information Security at Y Combinator-backed fintech startup. Before that, he was leading security at Siemens Mobility for the region. Tobias specializes in security infrastructure architecture, helping organizations to understand, implement and drive regulatory-driven security solutions.

Yuya Tajima


Joining us from Tokyo, Tajima-san is a  full-stack software engineer and the CTO of DivX, Inc. He already engaged in several activities with the Snyk team based in Japan and is himself on a mission to support the improvement of security for all developers.

Become a Snyk Ambassador

We recruit new Snyk Ambassadors every few months, so don’t think you’ve missed the boat! If you’re experienced with Snyk, love cybersecurity, and would like to get some:

  • Neat swag

  • Speaking and community engagement opportunities

  • Support for learning and personal development

  • Access to Snyk features early

  • Spotlight to grow your personal brand

  • More great things

Head to the Snyk Ambassadors page and sign up today!

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