DevSecCon24 2021: 24 hours of development, security, and inclusivity

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Sam Hepburn

June 7, 2021

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On June 23, 2021, we’ll be opening the virtual doors to DevSecCon24 2021! DevSecCon is a free, global, vendor-neutral, community-driven conference that connects developers, security, and operations teams to learn and enable the integration of security directly into their development practices. Register for free today to add it to your calendar.

This year, we focused  on making this event as inclusive as possible — and we’re excited about the results!

We want you all to join us LIVE!

For starters, DevSecCon24 is geographically inclusive, which means no matter what time zone you’re in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created three conferences that we run back to back to back: one for Europe/Middle East, one for the Americas, and one for Asia Pacific. Additionally, we’ve provided the DevSecCon team with really uncomfortable chairs and enough coffee to stay awake for 24 hours straight. Here is the date and time information:

  • Americas: June 23, 11am–4pm ET

  • Asia Pacific: June 24, 10am–3pm AEDT

  • Europe/Middle East: June 24, 10am–3pm GMT

And since global inclusivity means more than just replaying the same videos every eight hours, each of these regions have their own region-specific keynotes and sessions. Here are the keynotes and some of the sessions we have planned for each region:


In the Americas keynote, Tanya Janca, Founder and CEO of We Hack Purple, Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco, and Matt Jarvis, Sr. Developer Advocate at Snyk will take to the stage to discuss How to Successfully Roll Out Security Programs.

Some of the sessions running in this region are:

  • Implementing Policy as Code through Open Policy Agent

  • DevSecOps Pipeline

  • The risk of CI/CD pipeline poisoning via CodeBuild

  • Blowing Up Serverless Security with IAM (And How to Avoid It)

Europe/Middle East

In EMEA, the keynote topic is Measuring DevSecOps Maturity. DevSecOps is still an emerging practice, but there are plenty of ways to determine if your program is headed in the right direction and how much further it has to go. Panelists include Alyssa Miller, BISO at S&P Global Ratings, Tash Norris, Head of Cyber Security at Moonpig, Simon Maple, Field CTO at Snyk, and Patrick Debois, Snyk Labs researcher.

Some of the sessions running in this region are:

  • Mobile App Decomposition - what exactly are your apps made of?

  • It's time for API security as code!

  • Head in the clouds: Automating cloud security and auditing

  • Cloud Native Application Security: Embracing Developer-First Security for the Cloud Era

Asia Pacific

In APJ, the keynote topic is Security Champions Programs. Our panelists will tackle the subject of building a Security Champions program. They’ll discuss important questions around identifying champions, the benefits gained from empowering developers to be proactive about security, and more. Panelists include Yashvier Kosaraju, Head of Product Security at Twilio, Marissa Fagan, Security Awareness Manager at Atlassian, and Simon Maple, Field CTO at Snyk.

Some of the sessions running in this region are:

  • Avoiding insidious points of compromise in infrastructure access systems

  • Threat Modeling Wins for Agile AppSec

  • pip install pwnage

  • Service Mess to Service Mesh

Check out the DevSecCon24 2021 agenda for a full list of sessions, times, and speakers. And don’t worry about making all of the sessions. Every session will be made available as on-demand content afterwards, just like we did in 2020.

Diverse and inspiring speakers

While there is still room for improvement we’re excited to share that this year's event has a  strong representation of female speakers. As you may have noticed above, over half of our keynote panelists are women. On top of that, over 30% of our sessions are female-led. As a community-driven event, proper representation is extremely important to us at DevSecCon, and we’ll continue to strive towards making a platform that’s equal for all voices.

Wait, childcare?!

For those of you with children, we’re going to be running a “kid” track that will keep the little ones occupied while you interact with the live sessions. We know it’s not a babysitter, but it should at least buy you a little time from distraction.


And to round out our inclusivity initiatives, all proceeds from DevSecCon24 2021 will benefit global charities driving inclusiveness within technology. DevSecCon and Snyk are dedicated to helping close the diversity gap in the global technology sector. Our aim is to support local organizations within the EMEA, APJ, and Americas regions that are leading the movement to address inequality in the tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity within our local communities. Keep an eye out on social for #DSC4good.

Join us at DevSecCon24 2021

While DevSecCon24 is only a few weeks away, there’s still plenty of time to register for this free event. And whether you’ve fully embraced DevSecOps as the future of security, or are curious about why we think that, we think you’ll enjoy the innovative, engaging sessions being offered.

And if you’re interested in playing an active part in the growth of DevSecOps, join the DevSecCon community or our DevSecCon Slack channel.

See you soon!

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