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Lauren Place

December 5, 2023

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Securing C/C++ applications has been a massive challenge historically. Until today, many organizations using C/C++ have had to rely on a niche, single-language tool that, while decent at finding vulnerabilities, requires code to be compiled before scanning, slows down developers with clunky integrations, and provides vulnerability alerts that do not help developers to remediate the issue.

Today, Snyk is welcoming C/C++ security into the world of modern development with the general availability of C/C++ support for Snyk Code!

With Snyk for C/C++, we’re making it easy to stand up C/C++ security in developer workflows with easy-to-set-up and use integrations across the software development lifecycle (SDLC)!

In addition to securing a variety of other languages, frameworks, and open source libraries, Snyk now help developers to understand and fix software security issues in their C/C++ code bases within their IDE, CLI, and pull request workflows, supporting fast and secure C/C++ development. Snyk identifies issues in C/C++ code in addition to vulnerable open source packages and non-compliant open source licenses, ensuring compliance with org-specific policies.

So what is included in Snyk for C/C++?

Increased ruleset and accuracy for C/C++ code

We’re incredibly grateful to our customers who have provided incredible insights and feedback since our C/C++ open beta was announced in April 2023, helping increase our coverage and capabilities to the fullest extent possible. 

For C/C++ Snyk Code now supports:

  • More operating systems, including Windows and Linux

  • More environment types,  including desktop, server, web, and embedded apps

  • More frameworks and libraries, including Yocto, STL, Boost, and more!

C/C++ support is additionally supported across all Snyk workflows including support for all major IDEs, the Snyk CLI, Git workflows, and CI/CD integrations for complete security and visibility across the SDLC.

An example C/C++ issue highlighted within IntelliJ
An example C/C++ issue highlighted within IntelliJ

Faster, high-fidelity analysis for C/C++ 

Unlike other tooling that secures C/C++, Snyk does not compile code or require a build to perform analysis. Snyk Code analyzes source code directly, enabling real-time results and fast feedback to C/C++ developers creating and maintaining apps. Less time is spent on waiting for code to compile and tools to scan, and more time is spent on the important stuff.

In addition to maintaining the industry’s open-source vulnerability database with updated packages, licenses, and vulnerabilities, our C/C++ code vulnerability knowledge base is continuously refined and expanded. Thousands of customers today enjoy unparalleled accuracy and low false-positive results due to Snyk Code’s static analysis engine using a combination of generative AI, symbolic AI, and advanced machine learning analysis with expertise from the Snyk security research team to increase the accuracy of results.

Dataflow and fix analysis for a C/C++ issue from within the Snyk Web UI
Dataflow and fix analysis for a C/C++ issue from within the Snyk Web UI

C/C++ security that is developer-loved

The power of Snyk is ensuring happy, productive developers by bringing C/C++ security directly into developer workflows rather than requiring separate tooling. Snyk Code easily embeds into the existing tool landscape as it provides IDE plugins and scans the source code directly, no compiler run or integrations needed.

“85% of developers who use Snyk recommend it to others, citing considerable time savings and ease of use.”

With easy-to-understand and actionable fix remediation in line with C/C++ code, including data flow analysis and examples fixes from open-source projects, Snyk is the preferred security companion for developers, enabling devs to fix issues in their IDEs and PRs before merging with a seamless user experience.

 Contextualizing C/C++ security issues and providing fix examples for developer education
 Contextualizing C/C++ security issues and providing fix examples for developer education

Get started with Snyk for C/C++

Snyk Code is the only developer-first SAST solution that gains developer trust and reduces vulnerability backlogs by providing a purpose-built solution to secure code during development and providing AppSec teams with security visibility and governance across the SDLC. 

Learn more about Snyk Code for C/C++ from our documentation or start testing your C/C++ code with a free Snyk account!

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