Bitbucket Security: secure as you develop with Snyk

Developer-First Security in Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud

Find, prioritize and fix security vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies and container images throughout your development workflow – all without leaving Bitbucket Cloud.

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Snyk natively integrated into Atlassian tooling

Build, test, and release secure software faster and more reliably.

This allows developers and dev teams to:

Proactively find vulnerabilities before security knocks on your door.

Snyk reports directly into Bitbucket Cloud the status of your repo’s vulnerabilities and license issues as they emerge, making it easier to prioritize what to fix first.

This allows security analysts to:

Easily understand, manage, and mitigate open source risk.

Snyk provides a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities and issues across your organization, giving you immediate insight into your security posture.

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Fix quickly and early with automated and actionable remediation

Get an automated fix and upgraded pull request to keep your code safe from vulnerabilities and your projects healthy.

Scan builds and identify redundancies with Bitbucket Pipelines

Set up a Snyk Pipe to test and monitor at any point of your CI workflow. Prevent high severity vulnerabilities from going through the build unnoticed with a final check against your manifest files and containers and ensure a redundancy scan is in your build process.

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