Your personal brand speaks louder than your CV!


In this talk, Farah will discuss taking control of your career by building a personal brand. It’s for anyone that’s wanted to start a new career path (or even veer into a new field) but is afraid that their lack of experience/education will be an insurmountable block. Farah starts with her journey into tech, touching upon the barriers she faced by entering the field from a non-tech background. Then she will explain how she bypassed those barriers by simultaneously building her knowledge & brand — which landed me a job as an AppSec Engineer at Bugcrowd.

Farah will then explore why a personal brand is important & how it can open doors by giving you the exposure needed to build an effective network. Finally, Farah will give actionable tips to the audience like where/what/how to post & how to connect with their potential audience. She’ll also talk about how I did this with bug bounties/YouTube & content. After this session, the audience should feel empowered to make a change and be equipped with the tools to follow through.

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Farah Hawa
Influencer, Bugcrowd