The Human Element of Security: How to Be a People Hacker


From an early age, locked doors, high fences, and the secrets kept by businesses, buildings and people, fascinated Jenny Radcliffe. She has spent a lifetime learning how to use the “human element” to gain access to the buildings, data and information. This talk is an anecdote-ridden roller coaster of a tale which takes the audience from the mean streets of Liverpool in the 1980’s to the square mile of London’s financial district and beyond. Jenny shares her journey from breaching zoos, offices, theme parks, banks and football matches, to helping respected businesses and organisations protect themselves from the threat of malicious “people hackers.” Expect to takeaway high-ROI insights on reading social cues, protecting against exploitation, lie detection and negotiation techniques, and thinking about social intelligence in an entirely new way.

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Jenny Radcliffe
The People Hacker,