Snyk loves JavaScript

We’re big fans of JavaScript and Node.js at Snyk. Stay tuned throughout the whole month of May for new technical content, live streams, and fun interactions!

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JavaScript at Snyk

Snyk uses JS as part of several of our projects, which is why we wanted to show some love and give back to the JavaScript and Node.js community, (especially the open source part of it) by sharing some useful content and highlighting great community events and OSS projects that we love and support.

Livestream schedule

Here are our upcoming live events.

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May 11

Live trivia

Join us for live JavaScript trivia with host DeveloperSteve Coochin.

May 11

Stranger Danger: Your JavaScript attack surface just got bigger

In this technical live hacking session presented from the viewpoint of an attacker, Brian Clark will exploit a JavaScript application to show its threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

May 12

Capture the flag 101

Learn how to participate in a capture the flag (CTF) challenge with a hands-on JS demo hosted by Micah Silverman.

May 17

Live hacking session

Break out your favorite hoodie for this fun, interactive session where you’ll hack a demo JS application together with host Micah Silverman.

May 19

JavaScript community highlights livestream

Join host Brian Clark to enjoy key moments and fun bloopers from the live streaming community.

May 24

Live trivia

Join us for live JavaScript trivia with host (and GitHub Star) Liran Tal.

May 26

Fireside chat with a panel of Snyk Ambassadors

Learn about interesting JS use cases, tricks, and challenges. Hosted by Brian Clark and Gerald Crescione.

JS package insights

Snyk Advisor  is a free service that helps you find the best package for your next project by giving you insight into package popularity, maintenance level, security posture and community.

You can also clone or fork our nodejs-goof app to try out Snyk’s find-and-fix capabilities for yourself.

OSS projects that we
love and sponsor


Progressive UI framework

Check it out


Node.js framework

Check it out


3kB React alternative

Check it out


Node.js app change monitoring

Check it out


Authentication for Node.js

Check it out


International Node.js Conference

Check it out

React Summit

Biggest React conference worldwide

Check it out

JS Nation

The main JavaScript event of 2022

Check it out

OpenJS World 

A conference by the OpenJS Foundation

Check it out

JavaScript resources

Looking for technical insights? Check out these great resources
about the JavaScript ecosystem.

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