Developer-first Security on AWS

Build securely across your AWS application stack with Snyk

Leverage seamless integrations with AWS services like AWS CodePipeline, Amazon ECR, and Amazon EKS to apply scalable security solutions across your development workflow.

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Join Snyk at AWS re:Invent and hear how Neiman Marcus uses Snyk for dev-first security.

Snyk partners closely with AWS to help customers deliver secure cloud, container, and serverless applications deployed on AWS public cloud and AWS GovCloud

Find and fix vulnerabilities in your code repositories directly from the IDE.

Extend your security coverage by finding vulnerabilities in container images in Amazon ECR and leverage base image recommendations to mitigate risk.

Scan for open source vulnerabilities directly from within the AWS console and leverage Snyk Container within the AWS CloudFormation Registry to monitor your Amazon EKS workloads for potential risk.

Snyk integrates comfortably into your native environment from code development into production

Integrated IDE Check

Detect vulnerabilities in open source dependencies early in the development cycle by scanning directly from the developers’ workstations, to minimize development time and effort on future fixes.

Native Git Scanning

Scan pull requests before merging. Test your projects and Lamba functions directly from the repository, and your container images directly from the registry. Ongoing monitoring and automated fix pull requests for vulnerabilities keep your code and containers protected against the latest threats.

CI/CD Security in the AWS Console

Detect vulnerabilities in your cloud native artifacts using Snyk’s native integration with AWS CodePipeline – all without leaving the AWS console.

Tests for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Scan images in Amazon ECR and other registries, as well as your own Kubernetes clusters, to detect vulnerable images and insecure configuration. Continuously monitor and alert on new vulnerabilities on all AWS Lambda functions. Map new vulnerabilities to images deployed in your Amazon EKS or Kubernetes environment.

Get hands-on experience using Snyk on AWS

Sign up for a free Snyk account and try one of our AWS Quickstarts

Snyk Security

This AWS QuickStart helps you deploy Snyk Developer-First SEcurity on AWS Cloud. It is designed for developers, DevOps, security teams, and other roles within an organization that build, deploy, and maintain serverless applications or container images that use AWS Lambda and/or Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR).

Try it out todayStep 1Sign up for a free Snyk accountStep 2Try the Snyk Security AWS Quick Start
Snyk Controller

Snyk controller for Amazon EKS lets you import and test your running EKS workloads to identify vulnerabilities in associated images and configurations that might make workloads less secure. As new images are deployed and workload configurations change, Snyk continually monitors workloads to identify security issues.

Try it out todayStep 1Retrieve a Snyk Kubernetes integration IDStep 2Try the Snyk Controller Quick Start
Snyk Serverless CI/CD

This reference deployment builds a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) environment on the AWS Cloud. As a foundation, it uses the Serverless CI/CD Quick Start created by Trek10. This CI/CD environment provides an enterprise-ready dynamic deployment pipeline for your serverless applications.

Try it out todayStep 1Sign up for a free Snyk accountStep 2Try the Snyk Serverless CI/CD AWS Quick Start

Snyk is available to purchase via the AWS Marketplace to help customers consolidate their billing mechanisms and streamline procurement using their allocated AWS budget (EDP)

You can apply with your spending commitment with AWS to purchase Snyk throughout three private offer mechanisms in the AWS Marketplace

Private Offers

Consulting Partner Private Offers

Solution Provider Private Offers

Alex Harriss

Security Engineer, Skyscanner

Snyk is one of the most important security tools we use at Skyscanner. You’ll realise how important it is when you actually get it integrated


Chaim Mazal

CISO, ActiveCampaign

Snyk’s cloud native application security platform allows us to achieve developer productivity and large scale security.


Amol Deshpande

Product Security Engineer, Salesforce

I’m an advocate for automation and shifting left and I think Snyk is one of the most important tools to scale the security effort across an organization.


Our partner philosophy

Building a relationship based on trust is the key to successful partnerships. Here at Snyk we take a collaborative approach, ensuring your success is part of our growth strategy.

Peter McKay

Snyk CEO