Utilizing Dojos to Instill a Culture of DevSecOps

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Eric Chapman, DevOps Principal, Liatrio

Dojos offer an immersive learning opportunity that cultivates real cultural change and focuses on the new practices and technologies needed to achieve a specific DevOps-oriented goal or capability. Whether your goal is to shift security left in the SDLC or implement automated security enablers the fun and easy part is always the technology, organizations often struggle with or even forget about the most critical parts of the DevOps transformation – the People and Culture.

The Dojo solves this problem by gathering the entire team (Product, Development, Testing, Security, Risk, etc.) in a physical/virtual learning space where teams can form habits of collaboration, trust, and transparency in a new way of working. In these hands-on, interactive sessions, teams learn how to work together more effectively to accelerate software delivery. This “learning together” mindset cultivates empowerment and shared responsibility, enabling individuals to accomplish their goals while working as a unified team that drives towards better, faster, more secure, and higher-quality outcomes.

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Simon Maple
October 21, 2020
| By Simon Maple