Snyk doubles free user limits and provides Snyk Impact donation in response to Ukrainian crisis

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February 25, 2022

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Our diverse global Snykers are united by our core values. In addition to building a strong business, we also collectively lead with passion and empathy for each other, our customers, the communities where we live and work, and our planet as a whole.

To paraphrase Dr. King, we believe that a threat to freedom or justice anywhere threatens these innate rights everywhere. Today, as the Ukrainian people are being affected directly, we are all affected indirectly. We have an important responsibility to support our fellow humankind. Snykers stand with the millions of Ukrainians now living under the threat of an ongoing attack, as well as with the innocent Russian people who have had no part in spurring this senseless aggression. 

During our Big Fix-a-Thon earlier today, we announced that we’ve taken two initial actions as a company in direct response to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine.

First, as we did in response to Log4Shell, given the current well-documented heightened risk of cyber attacks worldwide, we’re once again doubling free user test limits. This means that any developer worldwide, regardless of company or project, can now use Snyk Open Source with twice the number of free tests. This is of course applicable to all of our existing users, as well as any new users who have been inspired by recent events to join the global fight against cybercrime.

In addition, through Snyk Impact, we will be donating $100,000.00 USD to United Help Ukraine. We’ve selected United Help Ukraine because it is a reputable nonprofit organization doing important work on the ground to receive and distribute donations, food, and medical supplies to displaced Ukrainians directly affected by this week’s invasion.


During this tumultuous time, our Snyk cybersecurity experts also strongly advise all global organizations to:

  • Create a layered authentication structure, including secure multi-factor authentication.

  • Ensure that all software is up-to-date (and leverage Snyk to apply any fixes available for known critical vulnerabilities).

  • Test backup procedures that are resistant to modern encrypting malware.

  • Restrict most egress traffic and monitor for suspicious activity.

  • Offer employee security awareness training, explaining typical social engineering tactics that can be used to compromise your company’s networks and sensitive data.

Finally, if you would like to personally join us in supporting Ukraine, please consider donating to United Help Ukraine as noted above. We know many of our readers would like to support relief efforts through personal donations but are unsure where to give. Snyk has partnered with Deed to pull together a campaign for charities focused on relief efforts in Ukraine, where you may want to consider donating. Daniel Kontorovskyi, a Snyker originally from Ukraine, has also recommended donating to Come Back Alive.

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