Merge security into your Git repositories

Ship secure code with confidence with Snyk’s pull request vulnerability checks, one-click fix PRs, and continuous source code security monitoring.

Native Git security for every project

Snyk secures your existing repos and continuously keeps vulnerable code out.

Secure projects directly from your repos

Natively integrate with Git to find and fix code, open source, container and IaC vulns in your repos.

Prevent shipping vulnerable code

Snyk checks your PRs for vulnerabilities and provides one-click suggested fix PRs.

Automatically monitor for zero-day vulns

Snyk alerts you if your projects are impacted by newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Natively integrated with your favorite SCMs

Snyk seamlessly integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Azure Repos, making it easy to secure your repositories.

Security built into your repos

By building source code protection directly into your repositories, developers can move faster and security teams spend less time on low level reviews.

Security at scale

Automatic PR checks

Snyk scans new pull requests for vulnerabilities, so security teams can spend less time on code reviews and more time focused on high-level tasks.

Developer Velocity

Automatically open fix PRs

Snyk provides automated fix PRs, so developers can get expert recommendations, review the suggested fixes, and then merge and move on.

Secure the top SCMs

Snyk natively integrates with the most popular source code management (SCM) systems, so your teams don't need to learn new tools to keep their projects secure.

Azure Repos

Security starts with developers

Give your developers the tools they need to boost release velocity by keeping their applications secure from the start.

IDE security

Add security into your IDE with real-time scanning and actionable fix advice in-line.

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CLI security

Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities locally and in your CI/CD pipelines.

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Git security

Secure your code with PR vulnerability checks, one-click fixes, and continuous monitoring.

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Why do you need to secure repositories?

It’s important to add security testing to your repositories so you can detect zero-day vulnerabilities and avoid merging vulnerable code.

How do you protect your repositories?

You can protect your repositories by adding security testing to pull requests and continuously monitoring your repositories for vulnerabilities with tools like Snyk. 

How do you integrate Snyk with your repositories?

Snyk has native integrations for Git repositories, including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud, and others. Select the repositories you would like to scan, then import projects in the Snyk UI. View the Docs for more details.

How does Snyk secure repositories?

Snyk secures Git repositories by continuously performing security scanning across all integrated repositories, scanning pull requests for vulnerabilities, and providing automated fix pull requests.

What are the Git repository security best practices?

Git repository security best practices include setting a security policy, adding security testing to pull requests, continuously monitoring repos for vulnerabilities, removing sensitive data, tightly controlling access, and rotating SSH keys and personal access tokens. 

Snyk ist eine Developer Security Plattform. Integrieren Sie Snyk in Ihre Tools, Workflows und Pipelines im Dev-Prozess – und Ihre Teams identifizieren, priorisieren und beheben Schwachstellen in Code, Abhängigkeiten, Containern, Cloud-Ressourcen und IaC nahtlos. Snyk bringt branchenführende Application & Security Intelligence in jede IDE.

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