Snyk supports your compliance journey

Snyk can help you meet regulatory compliance needs and enforce open source license compliance.

Support for your compliance objectives

Snyk offers features that help you address requirements for meeting both regulatory and open source license compliance.

PCI, SOC 2, and ISO compliance

Snyk supports controls for security training, SBOMs, scanning, vulnerability reporting, limiting access, and configuration standards.

Open source license compliance

Create custom license policies that are automatically enforced in developer tools so teams can develop fast while staying compliant.

Cloud infrastructure compliance

Continuously evaluate the compliance posture of your cloud environment and infrastructure as code using a unified policy engine.

Identify and support compliance requirements with Snyk

Auditors want to see evidence of risk management in your SDLC. Snyk helps you meet requirements for regulatory compliance, open source license compliance, and cloud compliance.

Understand controls

Snyk features map directly to many regulatory compliance controls

Snyk features — like reporting, monitoring, security training, and more — map to many SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS controls to help you on your compliance journey.

Govern Effectively

Satisfy open source license compliance at speed and scale

Snyk’s license compliance management is enforced within the tools and workflows developers use, so you maintain a rapid pace of development while remaining compliant with open source licenses. Snyk also provides confidential, comprehensive open source audit services.

Evaluate and report

Make cloud compliance a breeze

Continuously evaluate compliance with regulatory and internal security policies using real-time and historical reporting. Snyk provides best-in-class cloud compliance right out of the box.

Controls, standards, accountability

Regulatory compliance requires understanding and meeting data security standards. Open source license compliance requires strong policy and visibility. 

Developer-first features

The Snyk features that map to compliance controls are embedded in tools that integrate seamlessly into developer workflows. 

Automated scans

With Snyk, you can automate scans that help you identify vulnerabilities in your code, open source packages, and containers.

Visibility and reporting

Snyk provides extensive reporting capabilities that help you demonstrate your compliance programs to auditors and customers. 

Informed policy enforcement

Snyk’s security policies can help you identify and fix vulnerable or non-compliant components in your projects.

Snyk understands compliance — because we practice it

Snyk understands the importance of providing clear information about security practices, tools, resources and responsibilities. Snyk’s infrastructure is certified as compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and SOC 2 Type II standards. Our adherence to security regulations is independently certified annually.

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Snyk est une plateforme de sécurité des développeurs. S’intégrant directement aux outils, workflows et pipelines de développement, Snyk facilite la détection, la priorisation et la correction des failles de sécurité dans le code, les dépendances, les conteneurs et l’infrastructure en tant que code (IaC). Soutenu par une intelligence applicative et sécuritaire de pointe, Snyk intègre l'expertise de la sécurité au sein des outils de chaque développeur.

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