Snyk for government and education

Snyk helps government and education institutions secure their code and open source dependencies, create SBOMs, maintain compliance, and more.

Security starts with developers

Applications need to be built securely from the start, so put the power of the Snyk platform in your developers’ toolbox.

Developer-first by design

Snyk was created for developers, building security expertise into the tools and workflows they already use.

Find and fix with a click

Snyk provides remediation advice and one-click fixes for vulnerabilities so developers can move faster.

Cross-SDLC prioritization

Fix smarter with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities across your codeopen source librariescontainers, and cloud infrastructure.

Cutting-edge intelligence

Our industry-leading research and intelligence goes deep on a wide variety of languages and ecosystems.

Continuous automation

Build Snyk directly into your CI/CD pipelines, so teams have paved paths instead of gates and bottlenecks.

Governance & compliance

Snyk gives security teams the tools and policies to efficiently tackle governance and compliance.


“Other solutions could tell you if you have high or critical vulnerabilities, but Snyk tells you if your vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild and how well the vulnerability is being managed”

Ryan Hillard

Systems Developer, SBA

Secure your entire development lifecycle

Snyk supports your favourite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

Comprehensive security coverage

Snyk give teams the developer security tools they need to keep their entire application secure from the start.

Snyk Vulnerability Database

Leverage our industry-leading open source and container vulnerability feed to support your mission.

Executive Order compliance

Snyk helps satisfy the White House cybersecurity recommendations instituted in March 2022.

Secure SaaS deployments

While Snyk is a SaaS product, we offer private cloud deployments for heightened security needs.

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Snyk est une plateforme de sécurité des développeurs. S’intégrant directement aux outils, workflows et pipelines de développement, Snyk facilite la détection, la priorisation et la correction des failles de sécurité dans le code, les dépendances, les conteneurs et l’infrastructure en tant que code (IaC). Soutenu par une intelligence applicative et sécuritaire de pointe, Snyk intègre l'expertise de la sécurité au sein des outils de chaque développeur.

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