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SnykCon Welcome & Keynote

Guy Podjarny, Co-founder & President | Snyk

Aner Mazursky | Snyk

Peter McKay, CEO | Snyk

SnykCon Keynote & Fireside Chat with Adrian Ludwig, CISO, Atlassian

Guy Podjarny, Co-founder & President | Snyk

Peter McKay, CEO | Snyk

Dipti Salopek, VP of People | Snyk

Adrian Ludwig, CISO | Atlassian

Scott Johnston, CEO | Docker

Exit Stage Left: Eradicating Security Theater

Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Management & Product Strategy | Capsule 8

Blow up your Security: We are all Engineers

DJ Schleen, DevSecOps Evangelist and Security Architect | Rally Health

How did the Department of Defense move to Kubernetes and Istio?

Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer | US Airforce

Connections and Intersections between Resilience Engineering and Security

John Allspaw, Founder and Principal | Adaptive Capacity Labs

From Control to Collaboration: Democratizing Security

Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security | Cisco

Host Like Your Planet Depended On It

Anne Curie, Tech Ethics | Container Solutions

Beyond the Devops Handbook - What about devsecops?

Patrick Debois, Director of Market Strategy | Snyk

Gene Kim, Founder and Author | IT Revolution

Sasha Rosenbaum, Senior Product Manager | Github

John Willis, Senior Director, Global Transformation Office | Redhat

The Impact of DevSecOps Quantified

Larry Maccherone, DevSecOps Transformation | Comcast

Lightning Talks



Disclosing security vulnerabilities: If You’re Good at Something - Never Do it for Free

Anna Manley, Principal Lawyer | Manley Law Inc.

Why can't we simply add a button that does X?

Brian Vermeer | Snyk

Whoops! I Committed It Again: Configuring Git to Prevent Accidental Commits

Miguel A. Calles, Principal Solutions and Security Engineer | VeriToll

Greg Thompson, Full Stack Software Engineer | Veritoll

Are You a Security Sherpa, or a Security Bully?

Dan Tyrrell, Manager of Information Security | AcadiaSoft

Storytime - Secure Coding Libraries

Tanya Jance, Founder, Security Trainer and Coach | SheHack Purple




DevSecOps for Platform Teams: A Discussion on Making It Easy to Do the Right Thing

Daniel Bryant, Product Architect | Ambassador Labs

Mario Plat, VP Head of Information Security | CloudMargin

Katie Gamanji, Cloud Platform Engineer | American Express

Melissa Benua, Director of Engineering | mParticle

DevSecOps - Views from the coal face

James Governor, Co-Founder | RedMonk

Ant Stanley, Co-Founder | Homeschool from Senzo

Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager | GitHub

Andrew Martin, Controlplane | Container Security Engineering




Securing Front-end Attack Surfaces

Liran Tal, Developer Advocate | Snyk

Eric Graham, Sr. Product Linke Director - Cloud Security Solutions | Akamai

How to Implement a DevSecOps Culture in a Large Enterprise - People, Processes, Tools

Owen John, Platform Security Lead | Pearson Vue

Paul Graziano, DevSecOps Engineer | Pearson Vue

Nicholas Vinson, DevSecOps Lead | Pearson Vue

Utilizing Dojos to Instill a Culture of DevSecOps

Eric Chapman, DevOps Principal | Liatrio

Why are there no incentives for security in Open Source?

Matteo Collina, Technical Director | nearform

Enable Visibility for SecOps While Reducing Build and Runtime Application Security Risks

Amanda Veras, Solutions Architect | Trend Micro

Hackers don't wear hoodies, they wear capes

Chloe Messdaghi, VP of Strategy | Point3 Security

Deployment speed and security can live together

Alexandre Emery, Cloud Platform Product Manager | Coveo

Jean-Alexandre Beaumont, Cloud Platform Product Manager | Coveo

Do you accept the risk? Dynamic risk metrics in your environment.

Daniel Maher, Developer Relations | Datadog

Andrew Krug, Technical Evangelist Security | Datadog

Security Culture: Why You Need One and How to Create It

Masha Sedova, Co-Founder | Elevate Security

Secure by Design - coding patterns

Dan Bergh Johnson | omega point

Product Security Automation at Asurion

Jeremy Young, Principal Security Engineer | Asurion

Navigating DevOps Security journey at Scale using OWASP SAMM 2.0

Hardik Parekh, Senior Director, Head of Product & Application Security | OWASP SAMM

Sour Mint - The case of malicious advertisement SDK affecting thousands of mobile apps

Danny Grander, CSO and Co-founder | Snyk

User Story Threat Modeling: It's the DevSecOps Way

Alyssa Miller, Application Security Advocate | Snyk

Lighting the Flare: container scanning at scale

Matt Stegall, Senior Engineer | Red Ventures

Alfonso Cabrera, Director of Platform Engineering | Red Ventures

Securing Open Source pipeline using Plug-n-Play Scanning

Amol Deshpande, Product Security Engineer | Sales Force

Securing Kubernetes in an ever-changing ecosystem

John Forman, NA Container Lead, Anthos/Kubernetes Capability Lead | Accenture




The Developer Desktop - Part 1 - Open Source

Agata Krajewska, Software Engineer | Snyk

Managing issues with open source dependencies

Shawn Miller, Sr. Solution Engineer & Enablement Lead | Snyk

From the Developer Desktop to Production

Philippe Stemberger, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

CI/CD - Part 1 - How it Works

Philippe Stemberger, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

CI/CD - Jenkins

Philippe Stemberger, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

CI/CD - Azure

Philippe Stemberger, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

CI/CD - Part 2 - Advanced configuration options and plugins available.

Kriti Dogra, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

CI/CD - Part 3 - CI/CD Best Practices

Shawn Miller, Sr. Solution Engineer & Enablement Lead | Snyk

Omri Negri, Customer Success Team Manager | Snyk

Test, Fix, and Monitor your Code Repositories

Sarah Gold, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Managing Open Source Licenses

Paul Harland, EMEA Solutions Engineer | Snyk

The Developer Desktop - Part 2 - Building Secure Containers with Snyk

Clinton Herget, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Securing Your Container Build Pipeline

Clinton Herget, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Monitoring Container Images in Your Production Environment with Snyk

Clinton Herget, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Snyk Infrastructure as Code - Testing via the CLI in your SDLC

Ron Tal, Senior Software Engineer | Snyk

Snyk Infrastructure as Code - Monitoring via Source Code Management Integration

Rick Harp, Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Governance - Security and Licence Policies

Paul Harland, EMEA Solutions Engineer | Snyk

Organizing Your Projects at Scale using Snyk

Shawn Miller, Sr. Solution Engineer & Enablement Lead | Snyk

Omri Negri, Customer Success Team Manager | Snyk

Utilizing the Snyk API

Nir Fuchs, Director of Engineering | Snyk

Successfully Rolling Out Snyk at the Enterprise Level

Andrew MacKenzie, Enterprise Customer Success | Snyk

Andre Lajter, Enterprise Customer Success | Snyk



Secure Code Warrior: Empowering developers to become the first line of defense by providing them with the skills and tools for secure coding

Laura Jilke, Account Executive | Secure Code Warrior

Atlassian & Snyk, a more secure developer experience

Jeff Richards, Product Partners | Atlassian

Stackhawk Demo

Ryan Severns, Co-founder & COO | Stackhawk

Protecting your build image and container registry with Trend Micro and Snyk

Chuck Losh | Trend Micro

Open Source Visibility - Bridging Dev and SecOps

Wendy Moore, VP Product Marketing | Trend Micro

Geva Solomonovich, CTO, Global Alliances | Snyk




Snyk Open Source 101

Daniel Berman, Product Marketing | Snyk

Need better security decisions? Get a better vulnerability database!

Shani Gal, Security Product Manager | Snyk

Parag Dave, Product Management | Redhat

Building safer containers with Snyk

Jim Armstrong, Product Marketing - Container & Iac | Snyk

How to deploy securely using Kubernetes & Terraform

Ben Laplanche, Product Manager | Snyk

License to chill: Staying license compliant with Snyk

Ariel Ornstein, Director of Product, Ecosystems | Snyk

Stephanie Dominy, General Counsel | Snyk

Benji Weber, Director of Engineering | Snyk

How to prioritize your vulnerabilities

Anna Debenham, Director of Product, SDLC Group | Snyk

Securing containers directly from Docker Desktop

Danielle Inbar, Product Manager | Snyk

Justin Cormack, Security Lead | Docker

Fixing the cost of fixing - the road to zero vulnerabilities

Dan Mckean, Product Manager | Snyk

Ain’t no mountain high enough: Scaling security with Snyk

Waleed Arshad, Product Manager | Snyk

Simon Wilkins, Application Security Analyst | Overstock

Patterns for secure container base image management

Gareth Rushgrove, Director of Product, Cloud Native | Snyk

Happy Hour



Multi-threaded Drum & Bass : Live Coding Music with Sonic Pi

Sam Aaron, Live Coder | Sonic Pi

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Beyond the Devops Handbook - What about devsecops?

In this SnykCon panel Patrick Debois, John Willis, Gene Kim and Sasha Rousenbaum discuss how DevOps has evolved and how DevSecOps is a natural consequence.

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Snyk est une plateforme de sécurité des développeurs. S’intégrant directement aux outils, workflows et pipelines de développement, Snyk facilite la détection, la priorisation et la correction des failles de sécurité dans le code, les dépendances, les conteneurs et l’infrastructure en tant que code (IaC). Soutenu par une intelligence applicative et sécuritaire de pointe, Snyk intègre l'expertise de la sécurité au sein des outils de chaque développeur.

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