Three reasons to invest in an ASPM solution in 2024

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December 12, 2023

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The pace of software development is astounding! The transition to agile, DevOps, cloud, and the supercharged use of AI is empowering distributed development teams to build software with greater speed and autonomy.

In contrast to the remarkable strides in development methodologies, maintaining a robust security posture has become a formidable challenge. AppSec teams are still playing catchup, both outnumbered and out-resourced. Likewise, CISOs are struggling to get an accurate picture (and measure) of software risk. 

As we approach 2024, the imperative for security stakeholders is clear: embrace an air-traffic control-like system that not only governs and scales security programs but also minimizes risks stemming from applications. This guide serves as your guide to articulating the critical need for budgeting towards an application security posture management (ASPM) solution, specifically Snyk AppRisk, aligning your organization with the overarching goal of reducing business risk while optimizing efficiency and investments.

Here are three compelling reasons to invest in an ASPM solution.

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Reason #1: Vendor consolidation is king 

In 2023, enterprises prioritized vendor consolidation to slash costs, mitigate risks, and maximize return on investment. The 2023 Snyk Customer Value Study underscores the significance, with 81% of respondents highlighting tool consolidation as a priority. With Snyk AppRisk for ASPM, you can harness the benefits of a trusted vendor without introducing a new player. The seamless integration with the Snyk platform ensures superior data and correlation of results, surpassing alternatives with limited API access. Fast setup and dedicated support make Snyk AppRisk an unmatched solution.

According to Snyk’s 2023 Customer Value Study

75% of Snyk platform customers report having eliminated 1+ tools with Snyk, being 2.4x more likely than single product customers to see lower TCO compared to alternatives.

Reason #2: Optimize tool coverage for maximum impact 

Snyk AppRisk empowers you to gain visibility into application assets and manage coverage through Snyk's controls — Snyk Code (SAST), Snyk Open Source (SCA),Snyk Container, and Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC). This ensures your security tools cover relevant applications precisely where needed. Snyk AppRisk enables security teams to define and manage security and compliance requirements, verifying the presence of correct controls. Easily track implemented controls, identify gaps, and improve where necessary to fortify your security posture.

Reason #3: Enhance developer productivity to reduce business risk

Snyk's 2023 Customer Value study identified "developer productivity" as a top three priority when searching for security solutions, validating how increasingly important developer productivity is for security leaders to consider. Snyk AppRisk enables developers to maximize their time by being in lockstep with their security counterparts to ensure they focus on the remediation efforts that will have the largest risk reduction impact on the business — thanks to holistic application visibility, silo-smashing collaboration, and business-driven prioritization. As a result, developer and security teams can together define appropriate guardrails to prevent security issues throughout the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) as well as measure the overall effectiveness of their developer security program.

In the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges, Snyk AppRisk emerges as the industry's first ASPM solution facilitating streamlined collaboration between developer and security teams. It not only addresses cybersecurity challenges, but also provides executive stakeholders with visibility into software supply chain risk posture and overall AppSec program performance.

Investing in an ASPM solution like Snyk AppRisk is not merely a strategic move; it's a necessity for organizations committed to a secure, efficient, and cost-effective future. Elevate your security posture in 2024 with an ASPM in order to budget wisely, invest confidently, and reduce software risk. 

Learn how Snyk AppRisk for ASPM can elevate your security posture in 2024.

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