How to use the h5pyd.getServerInfo function in h5pyd

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few h5pyd examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def pingServer(username, password, endpoint, api_key):
    if not endpoint.startswith("http"):
        print("endpoint must start with 'http...'")
        return False

        info = h5pyd.getServerInfo(username=username, password=password, endpoint=endpoint, api_key=api_key)
        if 'state' not in info:
            print("unexpected response from server")
            return False
        state = info["state"]
        if state != "READY":
            print("Server is not ready, please try later")
            return False
    except IOError as ioe:
        if ioe.errno == 401:
            print("Unauthorized (username/password or api key not valid)")
            return False
        elif ioe.errno == 403:
            print("forbidden (account not setup?)")
            return False
        elif ioe.errno:
            print("Unexpected error: {}".format(ioe.errno))
github HDFGroup / h5pyd / h5pyd / _apps / View on Github external
def getServerInfo(cfg):
    """ get server state and print """
    username = cfg["hs_username"]
    password = cfg["hs_password"]
    endpoint = cfg["hs_endpoint"]
        info = h5pyd.getServerInfo(username=username, password=password, endpoint=endpoint)
        print("server name: {}".format(info["name"]))
        if "state" in info:
            print("server state: {}".format(info['state']))
        print("endpoint: {}".format(endpoint))
        print("username: {}".format(info["username"]))
        print("password: {}".format(info["password"]))
        if info['state'] == "READY":
            home_folder = getHomeFolder()
            if home_folder:
                print("home: {}".format(home_folder))

        if "hsds_version" in info:
            print("server version: {}".format(info["hsds_version"]))
        if "node_count" in info:
            print("node count: {}".format(info["node_count"]))
        elif "h5serv_version" in info: