How to use the function in h5pyd

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few h5pyd examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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can't understand the resulting array dtype.
        if name.find('/') != -1:
            parent_path = op.dirname(name)
            basename = op.basename(name)
            if not basename:
                raise KeyError("Group path can not end with '/'")
            parent_uuid, link_json = self._get_link_json(parent_path)
            if parent_uuid is None:
                raise KeyError("group path: {} not found".format(parent_path))
            if link_json["class"] != 'H5L_TYPE_HARD':
                raise IOError("cannot create subgroup of softlink")
            parent_uuid = link_json["id"]
            req = "/groups/" + parent_uuid
            group_json = self.GET(req)
            tgt = Group(GroupID(self, group_json))
            tgt[basename] = obj

        elif isinstance(obj, HLObject):
            body = {'id': }
            req = "/groups/" + + "/links/" + name
            self.PUT(req, body=body)

        elif isinstance(obj, SoftLink):
            body = {'h5path': obj.path }
            req = "/groups/" + + "/links/" + name
            self.PUT(req, body=body)
  , self._e(obj.path),
            #              lcpl=lcpl, lapl=self._lapl)

        elif isinstance(obj, ExternalLink):
            body = {'h5path': obj.path,
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elif uuid.startswith("d-"):
                    collection_type = "datasets"
                    raise IOError("Unexpected uuid: {}".format(uuid))
            objdb =
            if objdb and uuid in objdb:
                # we should be able to construct an object from objdb json
                obj_json = objdb[uuid]
                # will need to get JSON from server
                req = "/" + collection_type + "/" + uuid
                # make server request
                obj_json = self.GET(req)

            if collection_type == 'groups':
                tgt = Group(GroupID(self, obj_json))
            elif collection_type == 'datatypes':
                tgt = Datatype(TypeID(self, obj_json))
            elif collection_type == 'datasets':
                # create a Table if the daset is one dimensional and compound
                shape_json = obj_json["shape"]
                dtype_json = obj_json["type"]
                if "dims" in shape_json and len(shape_json["dims"]) == 1 and dtype_json["class"] == 'H5T_COMPOUND':
                    tgt = Table(DatasetID(self, obj_json))
                    tgt = Dataset(DatasetID(self, obj_json))
                raise IOError("Unexpecrted collection_type: {}".format(collection_type))

            return tgt
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def require_group(self, name):
        """ Return a group, creating it if it doesn't exist.

        TypeError is raised if something with that name already exists that
        isn't a group.

        if not name in self:
            return self.create_group(name)
        grp = self[name]
        if not isinstance(grp, Group):
            raise TypeError("Incompatible object (%s) already exists" % grp.__class__.__name__)
        return grp
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                rsp_json = self.GET(req)
            except IOError as ioe:
                self.log.debug("Got ioe: {}".format(ioe))
                create_group = True

            if create_group:
                link_json = {'id': parent_uuid, 'name': link}
                body = {'link':  link_json }
                self.log.debug("create group with body: {}".format(body))
                rsp = self.POST('/groups', body=body)

                group_json = rsp
                groupId = GroupID(self, group_json)
                sub_group = Group(groupId)
                if parent_name:
                    if parent_name[-1] == '/':
                        parent_name = parent_name + link
                        parent_name = parent_name + '/' + link
                    self.log.debug("create group - parent name: {}".format(parent_name))
                    sub_group._name = parent_name
                parent_uuid =
                # sub-group already exsits
                self.log.debug("create group - found subgroup: {}".format(link))
                if "link" not in rsp_json:
                    raise IOError("Unexpected Error")
                link_json = rsp_json["link"]
                if link_json["class"] != 'H5L_TYPE_HARD':
                    # TBD: get the referenced object for softlink?
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from __future__ import absolute_import

import os
import time
import json

from .objectid import GroupID
from .group import Group
from .httpconn import HttpConn
from .config import Config

VERBOSE_REFRESH_TIME=1.0  # 1 second

class File(Group):

        Represents an HDF5 file.

    def attrs(self):
        """ Attributes attached to this object """
        # hdf5 complains that a file identifier is an invalid location for an
        # attribute. Instead of self, pass the root group to AttributeManager:
        from . import attrs
        #parent_obj = {"id":}
        #return attrs.AttributeManager(self['/'])
        return attrs.AttributeManager(self)

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if not (getclass or getlink):
                return self[name]
            except KeyError:
                return default

        if not name in self:
            return default

        elif getclass and not getlink:
            obj = self.__getitem__(name)
            if obj is None:
                return None
            if is GroupID:
                return Group
            elif is DatasetID:
                return Dataset
            elif is TypeID:
                return Datatype
                raise TypeError("Unknown object type")

        elif getlink:
            parent_uuid, link_json = self._get_link_json(name)
            typecode = link_json['class']

            if typecode == 'H5L_TYPE_SOFT':
                if getclass:
                    return SoftLink

                return SoftLink(link_json['h5path'])
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rsp = http_conn.GET(req)

                if rsp.status_code != 200:
                    raise IOError(rsp.status_code, "Unexpected Error")
                group_json = json.loads(rsp.text)

            groupid = GroupID(None, group_json, http_conn=http_conn)
        # end else
        self._name = '/'
        self._id = groupid
        self._verboseInfo = None  # aditional state we'll get when requested
        self._verboseUpdated = None # when the verbose data was fetched

        Group.__init__(self, self._id)