How to use the certbot.util function in certbot

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few certbot examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def _lock_config_dir(self):
        """Stop two Postfix plugins from modifying the config at once.

        :raises .PluginError: if unable to acquire the lock

        except (OSError, errors.LockError) as e:
            logger.debug("Encountered error:", exc_info=True)
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Unable to lock %s", self.config_dir)
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def _save(self, account, acme, regr_only):
        account_dir_path = self._account_dir_path(
        util.make_or_verify_dir(account_dir_path, 0o700, self.config.strict_permissions)
            with open(self._regr_path(account_dir_path), "w") as regr_file:
                regr = account.regr
                # If we have a value for new-authz, save it for forwards
                # compatibility with older versions of Certbot. If we don't
                # have a value for new-authz, this is an ACMEv2 directory where
                # an older version of Certbot won't work anyway.
                if hasattr(, "new-authz"):
                    regr = RegistrationResourceWithNewAuthzrURI(
                    regr = messages.RegistrationResource(
github certbot / certbot / certbot-apache / certbot_apache / View on Github external
def _verify_exe_availability(self, exe):
        """Checks availability of Apache executable"""
        if not util.exe_exists(exe):
            if not path_surgery(exe):
                raise errors.NoInstallationError(
                    'Cannot find Apache executable {0}'.format(exe))
github certbot / certbot / certbot-nginx / certbot_nginx / View on Github external
def _get_snakeoil_paths(self):
        """Generate invalid certs that let us create ssl directives for Nginx"""
        # TODO: generate only once
        tmp_dir = os.path.join(self.config.work_dir, "snakeoil")
        le_key = crypto_util.init_save_key(
            key_size=1024, key_dir=tmp_dir, keyname="key.pem")
        key = OpenSSL.crypto.load_privatekey(
            OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, le_key.pem)
        cert = acme_crypto_util.gen_ss_cert(key, domains=[socket.gethostname()])
        cert_pem = OpenSSL.crypto.dump_certificate(
            OpenSSL.crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, cert)
        cert_file, cert_path = util.unique_file(
            os.path.join(tmp_dir, "cert.pem"), mode="wb")
        with cert_file:
        return cert_path, le_key.file
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def setup_log_file_handler(config, logfile, fmt):
    """Setup file debug logging.

    :param certbot.interface.IConfig config: Configuration object
    :param str logfile: basename for the log file
    :param str fmt: logging format string

    :returns: file handler and absolute path to the log file
    :rtype: tuple

    # TODO: logs might contain sensitive data such as contents of the
    # private key! #525
        config.logs_dir, 0o700, os.geteuid(), config.strict_permissions)
    log_file_path = os.path.join(config.logs_dir, logfile)
        handler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(
            log_file_path, maxBytes=2 ** 20, backupCount=1000)
    except IOError as error:
        raise errors.Error(util.PERM_ERR_FMT.format(error))
    # rotate on each invocation, rollover only possible when maxBytes
    # is nonzero and backupCount is nonzero, so we set maxBytes as big
    # as possible not to overrun in single CLI invocation (1MB).
    handler.doRollover()  # TODO: creates empty letsencrypt.log.1 file
    handler_formatter = logging.Formatter(fmt=fmt)
    handler_formatter.converter = time.gmtime  # don't use localtime
    return handler, log_file_path
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def make_or_verify_needed_dirs(config):
    """Create or verify existence of config, work, and hook directories.

    :param config: Configuration object
    :type config: interfaces.IConfig

    :returns: `None`
    :rtype: None

    util.set_up_core_dir(config.config_dir, constants.CONFIG_DIRS_MODE, config.strict_permissions)
    util.set_up_core_dir(config.work_dir, constants.CONFIG_DIRS_MODE, config.strict_permissions)

    hook_dirs = (config.renewal_pre_hooks_dir,
    for hook_dir in hook_dirs:
        util.make_or_verify_dir(hook_dir, strict=config.strict_permissions)
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def format(self, record):
        """Formats the string representation of record.

        :param logging.LogRecord record: Record to be formatted

        :returns: Formatted, string representation of record
        :rtype: str

        out = (logging.StreamHandler.format(self, record)
               if sys.version_info < (2, 7)
               else super(StreamHandler, self).format(record))
        if self.colored and record.levelno >= self.red_level:
            return ''.join((util.ANSI_SGR_RED, out, util.ANSI_SGR_RESET))
            return out