How to use the certbot.errors.PluginError function in certbot

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few certbot examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github EFForg / starttls-everywhere / certbot / certbot-apache / certbot_apache / View on Github external
def get_version(self):
        """Return version of Apache Server.

        Version is returned as tuple. (ie. 2.4.7 = (2, 4, 7))

        :returns: version
        :rtype: tuple

        :raises .PluginError: if unable to find Apache version

            stdout, _ = le_util.run_script(
        except errors.SubprocessError:
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Unable to run %s -v" %

        regex = re.compile(r"Apache/([0-9\.]*)", re.IGNORECASE)
        matches = regex.findall(stdout)

        if len(matches) != 1:
            raise errors.PluginError("Unable to find Apache version")

        return tuple([int(i) for i in matches[0].split(".")])
github certbot / certbot / certbot-dns-cloudxns / certbot_dns_cloudxns / _internal / View on Github external
def _handle_http_error(self, e, domain_name):
        hint = None
        if str(e).startswith('400 Client Error:'):
            hint = 'Are your API key and Secret key values correct?'

        return errors.PluginError('Error determining zone identifier for {0}: {1}.{2}'
                                  .format(domain_name, e, ' ({0})'.format(hint) if hint else ''))
github certbot / certbot / certbot-nginx / certbot_nginx / View on Github external
:returns: version
        :rtype: tuple

        :raises .PluginError:
            Unable to find Nginx version or version is unsupported

            proc = subprocess.Popen(
                [self.conf('ctl'), "-c", self.nginx_conf, "-V"],
            text = proc.communicate()[1]  # nginx prints output to stderr
        except (OSError, ValueError) as error:
            logger.debug(error, exc_info=True)
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Unable to run %s -V" % self.conf('ctl'))

        version_regex = re.compile(r"nginx/([0-9\.]*)", re.IGNORECASE)
        version_matches = version_regex.findall(text)

        sni_regex = re.compile(r"TLS SNI support enabled", re.IGNORECASE)
        sni_matches = sni_regex.findall(text)

        ssl_regex = re.compile(r" --with-http_ssl_module")
        ssl_matches = ssl_regex.findall(text)

        if not version_matches:
            raise errors.PluginError("Unable to find Nginx version")
        if not ssl_matches:
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Nginx build is missing SSL module (--with-http_ssl_module).")
github hsmade / certbot-dns-transip / certbot_dns_transip / View on Github external
self.logger.error('Error getting DNS records using the Transip API: %s', error)
                raise errors.PluginError('Error finding DNS entries using the Transip API: {0}'
            if dns_entries:
            self.logger.warning('Error getting DNS records using the Transip API: retry in {} seconds'.format(
            backoff = backoff * 2

        # If there are still no entries then the Transip API returned the wrong data
        if not dns_entries:
            error = 'Error finding DNS entries using the Transip API: Empty record set for {}'.format(domain)
            raise errors.PluginError(error)

        return dns_entries
github tengattack / certbot-dns-aliyun / certbot_dns_aliyun / View on Github external
def _find_domain_record_id(self, domain, rr = '', typ = '', value = ''):
        records = self._request('DescribeDomainRecords', {
            'DomainName': domain,
            'RRKeyWord': rr,
            'TypeKeyWord': typ,
            'ValueKeyWord': value,
        for record in records['DomainRecords']['Record']:
            if record['RR'] == rr:
                return record['RecordId']
        raise errors.PluginError('Unexpected error determining record identifier for {0}: {1}'
                                 .format(rr, 'record not found'))
github EFForg / starttls-everywhere / certbot-postfix / certbot_postfix / View on Github external
def enhance(self, domain, enhancement, options=None):
        """Raises an exception for request for unsupported enhancement.

        :raises .PluginError: this is always raised as no enhancements
            are currently supported

        # pylint: disable=unused-argument
        raise errors.PluginError(
            "Unsupported enhancement: {0}".format(enhancement))
github certbot / certbot / certbot-apache / certbot_apache / _internal / View on Github external
path = {"cert_path": self.parser.find_dir("SSLCertificateFile",
                                                  None, vhost.path),
                "cert_key": self.parser.find_dir("SSLCertificateKeyFile",
                                                 None, vhost.path)}

        # Only include if a certificate chain is specified
        if chain_path is not None:
            path["chain_path"] = self.parser.find_dir(
                "SSLCertificateChainFile", None, vhost.path)

        # Handle errors when certificate/key directives cannot be found
        if not path["cert_path"]:
                "Cannot find an SSLCertificateFile directive in %s. "
                "VirtualHost was not modified", vhost.path)
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Unable to find an SSLCertificateFile directive")
        elif not path["cert_key"]:
                "Cannot find an SSLCertificateKeyFile directive for "
                "certificate in %s. VirtualHost was not modified", vhost.path)
            raise errors.PluginError(
                "Unable to find an SSLCertificateKeyFile directive for "
                "certificate")"Deploying Certificate to VirtualHost %s", vhost.filep)

        if self.version < (2, 4, 8) or (chain_path and not fullchain_path):
            # install SSLCertificateFile, SSLCertificateKeyFile,
            # and SSLCertificateChainFile directives
            set_cert_path = cert_path
            self.parser.aug.set(path["cert_path"][-1], cert_path)
github nextcloud / nextcloud-snap / src / https / certbot_nextcloud_plugin / View on Github external

            # Change the permissions to be writable (GH #1389)
            # Umask is used instead of chmod to ensure the client can also
            # run as non-root (GH #1795)
            old_umask = os.umask(0o022)

                # This is coupled with the "umask" call above because
                # os.makedirs's "mode" parameter may not always work:
                os.makedirs(self.full_roots[achall.domain], 0o0755)

            except OSError as exception:
                if exception.errno != errno.EEXIST:
                    raise errors.PluginError(
                        "Couldn't create root for {0} http-01 "
                        "challenge responses: {1}", achall.domain, exception)
github EnigmaBridge / certbot-external-auth / certbot_external_auth / View on Github external
        Performs the actual challenge resolving.
        :param achalls:
        # pylint: disable=missing-docstring
        mapping = {"http-01": self._perform_http01_challenge,
                   "dns-01": self._perform_dns01_challenge
        responses = []
        # TODO: group achalls by the same socket.gethostbyname(_ex)
        # and prompt only once per server (one "echo -n" per domain)

        if self._is_classic_handler_mode() and self._call_handler("pre-perform") is None:
            raise errors.PluginError("Error in calling the handler to do the pre-perform (challenge) stage")

        for achall in achalls:

        if self._is_classic_handler_mode() and self._call_handler("post-perform") is None:
            raise errors.PluginError("Error in calling the handler to do the post-perform (challenge) stage")

        return responses
github certbot / certbot / certbot-apache / certbot_apache / View on Github external
Searches through VirtualHosts and tries to match the id in a comment

        :param str id_str: Id string for matching

        :returns: The matched VirtualHost or None
        :rtype: :class:`~certbot_apache.obj.VirtualHost` or None

        :raises .errors.PluginError: If no VirtualHost is found

        for vh in self.vhosts:
            if self._find_vhost_id(vh) == id_str:
                return vh
        msg = "No VirtualHost with ID {} was found.".format(id_str)
        raise errors.PluginError(msg)