How to use the exifread.exif_log.setup_logger function in ExifRead

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ExifRead examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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        if option in ("-q", "--quick"):
            detailed = False
        if option in ("-t", "--stop-tag"):
            stop_tag = arg
        if option in ("-s", "--strict"):
            strict = True
        if option in ("-d", "--debug"):
            debug = True
        if option in ("-c", "--color"):
            color = True

    if not args:

    exif_log.setup_logger(debug, color)

    # output info for each file
    for filename in args:
        file_start = timeit.default_timer()
            img_file = open(str(filename), 'rb')
        except IOError:
            logger.error("'%s' is unreadable", filename)
            continue"Opening: %s", filename)

        tag_start = timeit.default_timer()

        # get the tags
        data = process_file(img_file, stop_tag=stop_tag, details=detailed, strict=strict, debug=debug)