How to use the exifread.tags.FIELD_TYPES function in ExifRead

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ExifRead examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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logger.warning("No EXIF information found\n")

        if 'JPEGThumbnail' in data:
  'File has JPEG thumbnail')
            del data['JPEGThumbnail']
        if 'TIFFThumbnail' in data:
  'File has TIFF thumbnail')
            del data['TIFFThumbnail']

        tag_keys = list(data.keys())

        for i in tag_keys:
      '%s (%s): %s', i, FIELD_TYPES[data[i].field_type][2], data[i].printable)
                logger.error("%s : %s", i, str(data[i]))

        file_stop = timeit.default_timer()

        logger.debug("Tags processed in %s seconds", tag_stop - tag_start)
        logger.debug("File processed in %s seconds", file_stop - file_start)